The Diving Pool: Three Novellas and millions of other books are available for Amazon Kindle. The Diving Pool: Three Novellas Paperback – Deckle Edge, January 22, From Akutagawa Award-winning author Yoko Ogawa comes a haunting trio of novellas about love, fertility. The Diving Pool: Three Novellas. Yoko Ogawa, Author, Stephen Snyder, Translator, trans. from the Japanese by Stephen Snyder. Picador $ The first major English translation of one of contemporary Japan's bestselling and most celebrated authors. From Akutagawa Award-winning author Yoko Ogawa.


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They used to play in the gardens of the M Clinic -- and peep through the windows -- and now it is a place where "time seemed to have stopped", a connexion to lost childhood for both of them.

The Diving Pool: Three Novellas by Yōko Ogawa

The story concludes with the narrator going to the M Clinic, where her sister has gone to give birth, the scene one of time even more arrested than one had previously thought In the final story, 'Dormitory', the narrator arranges for a cousin she hasn't heard from in years to stay at the same dormitory she lived at when she was a student, now that he's starting his studies.

She hadn't been back since graduating, but now becomes obsessed again by it, an almost abandoned place that has been in a long decline, accelerated now because a student mysteriously disappeared from there. Once he's moved in she goes repeatedly to visit her yoko ogawa the diving pool but usually only finds the Manager -- a triple amputee yoko ogawa the diving pool only with one leg but remarkably capable.


Meanwhile, her husband is working in Sweden and eventually wants her to join him -- a request or demand she seems unable to deal with, preferring to focus her attentions on her old dormitory.

Ogawa has a nice way of presenting the strange. These narrators recount their stories with a controlled calm, but each story has moments when it becomes clear that these women yoko ogawa the diving pool, in fact, deeply disturbed.

Ogawa captures these derangements beautifully, yoko ogawa the diving pool the contrast to their outward normality. These are often remarkable reads, but limited by their form at.

Don't say much, but say everything, never clearly, using clear-cut imagery. So, yes I did just say and mean all of that, but the first story, for which the collection is named, is also both my favorite of the three and the most straightforward, narratively-speaking. I wish it had been approximately five berzmpillion pages longer.

I mean, it definitely manages everything it yoko ogawa the diving pool out to do within the short space it occupies on the page, but it's just a terrible and beautiful world that I was sad to leave. On the surface, it's a simple love story, but a twisted one, in which a dour, sadistic pessimist of a young girl falls for her clean as the driven snow foster-brother, and expresses it through various acts of cruelty toward a toddler.

The Diving Pool - Ogawa Yoko

She simultaneously esteems her brother's good nature, and is deeply wounded by how little of it she can see in herself. It's this that she craves from him, like he could somehow flush her spirit clean with his peeny-fluids.

At yoko ogawa the diving pool same time, she appears to see herself as a necessary counter-balance, like reveling in her own vile nature by debasing herself and others serves to accentuate the things she finds most beautiful about him, yoko ogawa the diving pool reaffirm and then cast a spotlight on them.

Yes, there are also some elements of simple sexual frustration in her tortures, but you could Freud some sex into just about anything, and it would be insulting to the nuances of this story to neatly call it just that and wipe your hands of everything else that's going on here.

What Ogawa makes abundantly clear in these stories is how being put in the position of an observer not so different from the position of the writer changes you: The women in Ogawa's stories are supremely alone, removed from any kind of human connection even as they are surrounded by, perhaps even overburdened by, other people.

The Diving Pool is the first collection by Ogawa to appear in English. Because she is relatively unknown to American readers, Picador, which will publish Ogawa's novel The Housekeeper and the Professor next year, has gone yoko ogawa the diving pool of its way in promoting the book to assure us that she "has won every major Japanese literary award.

The three novellas included here, "The Diving Pool," "Pregnancy Diary," and "Dormitory," manage the neat yoko ogawa the diving pool of combining an even, placid, and endlessly readable tone—the three narrators, all female, remain resolutely deadpan throughout—with a roiling undercurrent of desire, loneliness, and cruelty.

The title story has the clearest—and the most heartbreaking—presentation of these themes. The teenaged narrator, Aya, is the sole biological daughter of a husband and a wife who run a Christian orphanage called the Light House.

Yoko Ogawa’s The Diving Pool: Three Novellas - Words Without Borders

Her parents treat her just as they do the other children in the orphanage, which means that Aya never feels quite at home with either her parents or with the other orphans.

Share via Email Yoko Ogawa's British debut is inexcusably belated. A prolific writer and the winner of every major literary award in Japan, Ogawa has appeared in the New Yorker and had a novel filmed, yet she has never previously been published in Britain.

The Diving Pool is yoko ogawa the diving pool first yoko ogawa the diving pool her book-length works to be translated into English. Ogawa is a conspicuously gifted writer, and this small showcase of three novellas must surely create a readership for her particular brand of unnerving, translucent restraint.

The Diving Pool: Three Novellas

Not a word is wasted, yet each resonates with a blend of poetry and tension. In the mesmerising title novella, teenage Aya is secretly entranced by Jun, a long-term inhabitant of an orphanage Aya's religious parents run.

Having shared an upbringing, Jun is effectively Aya's foster brother, and she yoko ogawa the diving pool "the only child who is not an orphan, a fact that has disfigured my family".

Desiring nothing more than to spend her time watching Jun practising his diving after school, Aya sits silently yoko ogawa the diving pool the "cold elegance" of his muscle formation as he twists through the air again and again: