But there were plenty of others that never got the same kind of notoriety. Here are 11 weapons from WWII you probably never knew existed. 4 was the standard infantry rifle used by Canadian troops during the Second World War. Earlier marks had been in service with the British Army since , and. Light machine guns. Browning Automatic Rifle – (American Lend Lease) ZB vz (Imported from Czechoslovakia and locally produced) ZB Bren LMG. Lewis gun. Lahti-Saloranta M/ Degtyaryov DP Type 11 light machine gun (Captured)‎Mannlicher M · ‎M50 Reising · ‎M4 Survival Rifle · ‎MP


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Allied planners and soldiers never knew what kind of weapons of wwii they'd weapons of wwii from battle to battle, or what new horrible fruit would drop from the twisted tree of German science. In short, we should be glad some of these World War II weapons never saw the light of day.

It was sunk by US aircraft. Japanese suicide attacks caused heavy casualties on occasions but had no hope of stemming the huge American onslaught.

Second World War Weapons That Failed | Imperial War Museums

Weapons of wwii some Japanese commanders opposed the tactics as weapons of wwii and futile. War Dogs — an unconventional Soviet weapon Soviet troops with 'war dogs'.

Wikimedia commons [public domain — no known author] via Wikimedia Commons. In the Soviet Union they were also used for mine detection, message and supply carrying and as weapons of war.

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  • 9. Lee-Enfield Rifle

Its simple design was mass-produced and sub-contracted to factories all over England. It was so simple to build that many countries and partisan forces started producing their own, including Weapons of wwii Resistance which made at least 2, Thompson Submachine Gun U.


Already iconic for its U. The model mass-produced for the U. Army, beginning inwas the M1A1, which was simpler and cheaper.

Usually equipped with a round magazine, the Thompson fired. The Bren Light Weapons of wwii Gun was a powerful, easy to use weapon that could always be relied upon and was the linchpin to British infantry platoons.

The licensed British model of the Czechoslovakian ZB vz.


It was said a soldier could fix any problem with the Bren by just hitting it or adjusting the regulator for the gas piston. It was, nonetheless, very effective given the right circumstances.

On 21 Octoberfor example, Canadian Private E. Smith of the Seaforth Highlanders won the Victoria Cross at the Savio River in Italy for an action in which he used a PIAT to destroy a Panther tank at a range of 30 feet before weapons of wwii off numerous German infantry with a submachine gun.