To achieve its objective (described in a national strategy document called the Wawasan ), Brunei 's economy needs to grow by 6%-7%. Is setting an HDI. As current prosperity cannot be taken for granted, the National Vision - known as Wawasan Brunei - has been launched with 3 main goals for Brunei. Wawasan Brunei (Vision Brunei ) is a plan to reduce Brunei's dependence on oil and gas sectors, diversify its economy, and develop public service.


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Trade brings human development as well as economic growth.

Wawasan Brunei - Wikipedia

The search for a link is misguided. Human development encompasses other things that economic wawasan 2035 like environmental protection and happiness.

The figure wawasan 2035 some of the authors writing in each school of thought.

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We do not try to provide a complete list. According to the strong relationship school, we expect to observe a strong relationship wawasan 2035 economic growth and HDI-rank growth in Brunei and other countries.


If the Bruneian economy and society reflects this school of thought, Bruneian policymakers need only increase GDP growth rates. Increases wawasan 2035 HDI rankings will take care of themselves.


The effect of government spending school indicates that government spending does more than just increase economic growth and push a country up an HDI ranking list.

Investments in school, hospitals, and wawasan 2035 elements of health and education wawasan 2035 dramatically change the way the private sector crowd-in investments in health and education.

Authors writing in this school admonish us to play attention to income inequality — even if we do not explicitly include it as a policy instrument.

Authors writing in trade channel school tradition argue that openness to trade can accomplish both goals increases wawasan 2035 economic growth and human development.

Wawasan 2035 this approach, Bruneian policymakers need not worry so much about economic and social policy.

Wawasan Brunei 2035

Development represents a complex phenomenon involving environmental protection, well-being, happiness, adherence to Muslim values and wawasan 2035 factors. To build a dynamic and sustainable economy with an income per capita among the world's top To ensure the accomplishment of these goals, 8 strategies have been identified in the Wawasan Bruneiin ensuring that all aspects of development are being implemented systematically and effectively, covering among others, education, economic development, local business development and environment strategy.

The growth in the energy sector is being addressed by outlining three strategic goals: An initial set of supporting initiatives have also been identified in order to ensure that the energy sector delivers its targets wawasan 2035thus ensuring a sufficient buffer period to take into account any final additional or mitigating actions needed to attain the set targets.


To ensure that this transformational step-up in the energy sector is achieved, change needs wawasan 2035 stem from an increased ability to compete and openness to investment and knowledge.

While leveraging critical regulatory support and wawasan 2035 oversight to accelerate results, we need to educate and train our people and grow the capabilities of our industries.