There are fundamental differences between the transmission requirements of voice and data. These differences make it difficult to design a. Antennae, Modulation, Modulation Methods, Standards For Voice-Oriented Data Communication •Signals for Voice, data, or multimedia streams transmitted. 2 Market sectors in Wireless Applications Voice oriented market Evolved around wireless connections to PSTN Area market Low power, low mobility.


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When the call or fax is finished, the bandwidth is reassigned to the Internet connection. Today, telephone companies claim they can reach about 95 percent of their serving areas voice oriented data communication ISDN. Despite this impressive figure, the phone companies generally have not been able to extend Voice oriented data communication to customers located on the perimeter of the local loop, that is, distances beyond 18, feet of a serving office.

Due to changing demographics over the past decade, there are now almost as many people located around the perimeter of the local loop and beyond as there are within the local loop itself.

Wireless Networks: Where We Are, Where We're Headed

voice oriented data communication Telephone companies are implementing a variety of local loop voice oriented data communication technologies that greatly increase the bandwidth capacity of the vast installed base of existing twisted pair copper wiring.

Of the dozen or so digital subscriber line technologies available, Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ADSL is the most promising because it is the only one that includes a voice channel as well as information channels. ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is an economical local loop upgrade technology that uses existing twisted pair telephone lines, converting them into access paths for voice, multimedia, and high-speed data communications.

The electronics at both ends compensate for line impairments, increasing the reliability of high-speed transmissions. ADSL offers more than 6 Mbps of downstream bandwidth to the user and voice oriented data communication much as Kbps upstream bandwidth to the network.

Such rates expand the existing access capacity by a factor of 50 or more without the need for new cabling. ADSL creates three independent information channels suitable for any combination of services, including voice, ISDN, video-on-demand programming, and interactive gaming—a high-speed downstream channel, a medium-speed transfer duplex channel, and a voice channel.

By filtering the voice channel away from the digital channels, telephone service is guaranteed, even if the broadband connections fail. The problem with all DSL technologies is that they are not yet widely available; the implementations are not interoperable; and items commonly voice oriented data communication in the local loop, such as load coils and bridge taps, degrade highspeed data.

Network Voice Protocol - Wikipedia

Initially providing up to 10 Mbps, the likes of Voice oriented data communication, Cox, and Comcast envision capturing the consumer, home office, and small business markets for both voice and image local and long distance and Internet access data and image.

The investment in the rollout is substantial, but it is potentially a lower-cost solution than the necessary PSTN technology upgrades. A cable modem contains both a voice oriented data communication phone modem for sending data over a phone line on the upstream and a demodulator for receiving data on the downstream.


The unit has connectors for a telephone line, coaxial cable, and Ethernet cable. The phone line connection is used for dial-up access into the Internet. The cable connection is used for downloading the requested data to the demodulator at speeds of up to 10 Mbps.

Hubs also provide the means to implement an internal voice oriented data communication LAN, allowing all computers to share files and resources, and engage in messaging.

In addition to the Internet, voice oriented data communication modems can be used to access corporate virtual private networks VPNs.

Software is available that allows users to restrict access and offers Web filtering and protection against viruses. In addition, most vendors, including Motorola and Nortel, include some form of encryption or authentication.


Cable modems represent an economical and effective way to integrate voice and data. They will eventually offer other access options.

Network Voice Protocol

Private Line Facilities Private line facilities dedicated or leased lines differ from switched lines in that each user has the sole use of a preestablished circuit. Multiplexers at each end of the circuit s combine voice, data, and video traffic from various input voice oriented data communication so they can be transmitted over a single higher-speed digital link—usually a T1 line.


At the other end, another device separates the individual lower-speed channels, sending the traffic to the appropriate terminals. Since the line is billed at a flat monthly rate, this is voice oriented data communication enough to load it with as much traffic of any type as possible.