Vita DI Galileo by Bertolt Brecht, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. La Vita di Galileo (in tedesco: Leben des Galilei) è un'opera teatrale di Bertolt Brecht, di cui esistono numerose versioni e revisioni. Vita di Galileo. Front Cover. Bertolt Brecht. Einaudi Vita di Galileo: dramma · Bertolt Brecht,Emilio Bibliographic information. QR code for Vita di Galileo.


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Galileo Quotes

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Upon being threatened with torture, he recants his teachings. His students are shocked by his surrender in the face of pressure from the church authorities.

Galileo Quotes by Bertolt Brecht

Galileo, old and broken, now living under house arrest with a priest monitoring his activities, is visited by one of his former pupils, Andrea. Vita di galileo bertolt brecht gives him a book Two New Sciences containing all vita di galileo bertolt brecht scientific discoveries, asking him to smuggle it out of Italy for dissemination abroad.

Andrea now believes Galileo's actions were heroic and that he just recanted to fool the ecclesiastical authorities.

However, Galileo insists his actions had nothing to do with heroism but were merely the result of self-interest. Historical background[ edit ] The play stays generally faithful to Galileo's science and timeline thereof, but takes significant liberties with his personal life.

Galileo did in fact use a telescope, observe the moons of Jupiter, advocate for the heliocentric model, observe sunspotsinvestigate buoyancy, and write on physics, and did visit the Vatican twice to defend his work, the second time being made to recant his views, and being confined to house arrest thereafter.

One vita di galileo bertolt brecht liberty that is taken is the treatment of Galileo's daughter Virginia Gamba Sister Maria Celestewho, rather than becoming engaged, was considered unmarriageable by her father and confined to a convent from the vita di galileo bertolt brecht of thirteen the bulk of the playand, further, died of dysentery shortly after her father's recantation.

However, Galileo was close with Virginia, and they corresponded extensively.

Life of Galileo - Wikipedia

Allusions[ edit ] There are a number of allusions to Galileo's science and to Marxism which are not further elaborated in the play; some of these are glossed below. The discussion of price versus value was a major point of debate in 19th century economics, under the terms exchange value versus use value.

Within Marxian economics this is discussed under the labor theory of value. More subtly, Marx is sometimes interpreted as advocating technological determinism technological progress determines social changewhich is reflected in the telescope a technological change being the root of the scientific progress and hence social unrest.