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The hybrid honeycomb on its upper edge has in position a area for drone brood 17and on the brim openings for the bees and the queen to pass through 13 from one side to the other and has elements so as to comfortably attach 12 the comb to the frame lathes 1114and The peaks of the inchoate cells 4 on the artificial comb 1 are veroljub umeljic level in height and rough in length of the cell side peaks.

The wax net is likewise rough and wavy on both surfaces veroljub umeljic the hybrid comb.

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It is classified as an international classification patent ICP classified as: This problem is further compounded by the presence of, unauthorised, paraffin veroljub umeljic the wax foundations which can veroljub umeljic found readily in the market.

The problem of wiring frames for older beekeepers that have problems with vision and ridged fingers is that of inserting the thin wire through a small hole and then tightening the wire. The wire has the tendency to break during the process of melting the wax foundation veroljub umeljic whole process has to be repeated.

In one beehive there are thirty frames which needs about one meter of wire.


The deformation of wax foundations and drawn out honeycombs veroljub umeljic caused by the low melting point of paraffin around 35 degrees Celsius which is a common occurrence in the summer.

Paraffin should not be present in the wax foundations, however since it is much cheaper than wax which has an melting point of 67 degrees Celsius, unscrupulous wax foundation producers mix it with wax so as veroljub umeljic increase their profit doing great damage to beekeepers and bees.

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Due to the deformation of the honeycomb that part of the veroljub umeljic is crushed and the bees have to reconstruct the cells and thus increase the cell size. This veroljub umeljic the queen to lay drone eggs, which results in less honey in the hive as drones eat honey and do not forage for nectar.

Due to the above beekeepers encounter large problems in their work, impart also the extra work that the bees do in reconstructing the honeycomb a complex task that takes up valuable time and energy.

Serijal ''Naučnici Srbije'' - Ivan Umeljić, filozof i pčelar

veroljub umeljic A fact worth noting is that for every kilogram of honeycomb constructed by the bees they need to consume six kilograms of honey.

This decreases the overall yield of honey, adding to the list of problems for beekeepers.


US A from 4th of February Likewise the patent number: US A from the veroljub umeljic March is an attempt to give an answer to the problem of the honeycomb in the hive. Other interesting patent numbers are: Within this sphere Mr Roy Ellis Auston gave his contribution with the patent: US A from 11th May 3, It appears that the attempts to date have been good, however they are not that good to satisfy the needs veroljub umeljic the beekeeper and the bees, as one the most experienced beekeepers of the former Yugoslavia Mr Veroljub Umeljic who has authored a number of important books on bees stated the following: Large bee colonies, after an extended stay in the hive on a good field, do not readily accept the plastic foundation and slowly or not at all draw out the necessary cells on them.

Some the above mentioned solutions are too complicated for production. To date the veroljub umeljic solution has been the foundations made from wax imprinted with a six sided shape hexagonal on both sides which is veroljub umeljic basis for the comb cell on both surfaces and is placed in a vertical position and reinforced by beekeeping wire fixed to the frame.

WOA1 - Hybrid honeycomb for bees - Google Patents

The secondary aim of this invention is to make it easier for beekeepers veroljub umeljic the preparation of the honeycomb, placing it in the hive and for the bees in finalising hybrid honeycomb. The long term aim of this invention is to achieve a greater amount of honey saved by the bees, who consume extra honey during the construction of the honeycomb that veroljub umeljic use as brood and storage.


Further aims of this invention and its advantages will be in part shown in the following description, and in part will be uncovered through the examples of this research.

The hybrid honeycomb of this invention veroljub umeljic the central side of the core, which can be of artificial material or natural material veroljub umeljic.

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Ecological material, which on both sides is constructed so that it has the initial form of a comb cell whose peripheral or ends are totally sharp tips edges veroljub umeljic have at the veroljub umeljic time different heights and irregular interacting cell joints.

On these sharp cell tips or edges a wax wreath is placed on the whole surface of both sides of the core. To date foundations, if made out of plastic, have been waxed over or covered with a veroljub umeljic layer of wax which is not required for the hybrid case.