VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R.: 10 Blake Songs / Oboe Concerto in A Minor / Household Music / Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis (Banfalvi) by Ralph Vaughan. The Concerto in A minor for Oboe and Strings was written by Ralph Vaughan Williams in –44 for the oboist Léon Goossens, to whom the score is dedicated  ‎History · ‎References. Ralph Vaughan Williams - Concerto for Oboe and Strings, Some personal reflections, and observations for performance, by Jonathan.


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Deutsch Vaughan williams oboe concerto which Vaughan Williams considered using for the Scherzo of his Fifth Symphony, were later commandeered for the first version of his Oboe Concerto, completed in After heavy revision in 43, he offered the concerto to Sir Henry Wood for the Proms season.

Wood refused it as unsuitable for the Albert Hall, but changed his mind. As it vaughan williams oboe concerto, the season was cancelled because of the flying bomb attacks on London. From a conversation I had with him, I know that this concerto meant a lot to the composer. The first movement, in A minor, is marked allegro moderato.

The oboe enters in the second bar with the cantabile first subject, a vaughan williams oboe concerto melancholy, or at any rate wistful, tune which is rapidly followed by a short agile cadenza over a held note by the cellos.

Oboe Concerto (Vaughan Williams) - Wikipedia

The strings launch the second subject of the Rondo in a G major episode. This is taken up by the oboe which is silent for only 17 vaughan williams oboe concerto of the movement. It provides a variant which serves as a subject for intensive discussion, or development, between oboe and strings.

As expected, the first subject returns and its vein of melancholy affects the end of the movement, an accompanied cadenza some of the accompaniment being merely held chords.

Allegro moderato is also the tempo direction for the second movement, which is in C minor. The oboe plays the rather deliberate Vaughan williams oboe concerto theme, with pizzicato accompaniment at first.

The strings elaborate this theme. The Musette section opens, as the form requires, with a drone, played by the oboe for three bars followed by an ornamental cadenza.

Oboe Concerto (score for oboe & piano)

The Minuet returns and this movement ends quietly. The Finale is the vaughan williams oboe concerto elaborate and weighty movement, a scherzo with two trios—as far as any kind of strict form is observed.

Flourishes for strings and the oboe eventually settle down into a theme announced by the strings and decorated by the soloist. The Minuet is indeed in three-quarter time, and the Musette makes use of a strong pedal point, but beyond that, the writing is plainly modern.

Further, the two dances are seamlessly integrated, testament to Vaughan Williams ' often overlooked subtlety. The movement is brief and leads directly to the finale, Scherzo. In the last movement, the writing for strings is supremely vaughan williams oboe concerto, full of quick figurations and tricky counterpoint, over which the oboe sounds a chattering theme that quickly resolves into a feather-light waltz.


A broader, more nostalgic melody serves as the second theme and recalls the shapes of themes already heard. There is a chromatic working out of the opening theme, quietly dissonant and in complex rhythm, before an aching, wistful passage in which the harmonies recall such neo-classicists as Wiren and Larsson, before a return of the quick waltz with the vaughan williams oboe concerto theme in tow, and a richly harmonized slow coda.

The three chords which began the work end it as well. Allegro moderato Finale Scherzo.