UNIDO'S approach: overcoming the challenges CSR poses on SMEs Governments have not yet reached consensus on common approaches to CSR, which has. The UNIDO approach of project Appraisal The UNIDO guidelines provide a comprehensive framework for appraisal of projects and examine. SCBA can be applied to both public and private investments; Public Investment: UNIDO Approach: This approach is mainly based on publication of UNIDO.


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For fully traded goods, the shadow price is the border price, translated in domestic currency at market unido approach to scba rate. The above definition of unido approach to scba fully traded good implies that domestic changes in demand or supply affect just the level of imports or exports.

Non-tradable inputs and outputs: A good is non-tradable when the following conditions are satisfied: I its import price CIF price is greater than its domestic cost of production and ii its export price FOB price is less than its domestic cost of production.

The valuation of non-tradables is done as per the principles of shadow pricing discussed earlier.


An externality, also referred to as an external effect, is a special class of good which has unido approach to scba following characteristics: An external effect may be beneficial or harmful.

Examples of beneficial external effects are: Examples of harmful external effects are: People living in the neigbourhood may be exposed to health hazards and put to inconvenience. Unido approach to scba SCBA seeks to consider all costs and benefits, to whomsoever they may affect, external effects need to be taken into account.

The valuation of external effects is rather difficult because they are often intangible in nature and there is no market price, which can be used as a starting point.

UNIDO's approach

Their values are estimated by indirect means. Thus, there will be reduction in ash generated and consequently, less amount of land will be required by disposing of bottom ash by means of slurry.

NPV of the project after Stage 2 turns out to be Rs. This shows that after taking into account unido approach to scba net social benefits and costs, it is worthwhile to take up the project as NPV is positive.

Little Mirrless and UNIDO approach -A comparision

Calculation of Social Value of Savings Social value or shadow price of savings is calculated as follows: The value of I used in this study is 1. Therefore, Net saving impact in terms of shadow prices is: The total net income impact is Unido approach to scba. So, the difference in income turns out to be Rs.

Now, distributing the difference in income over the life of the plant i.

Discuss the UNIDO approach of social-cost benefit analysis

Adjustment of Income Distribution Impact: The total net income impact turns out to be Rs 8. Thus, a negative adjustment of Rs unido approach to scba Hence, the project should be undertaken as it has multiple social benefits which are reflected in the final positive NPV of the project.

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The CO2 emission reduction from the above Project is estimated to be 1. In addition, the Project is expected to offset the emission of Savings of Unemployment Allowances 16 14 12 Rs.

This can be attributed to the fact that more workers are engaged during the construction of hydro plant. But, the coal based plant generates employment for unido approach to scba not only during the construction period but also after the commissioning of plant, so the government savings of unido approach to scba allowances have a long term effect in case of coal plant as compared to hydro plant in which the savings are only during the construction period.