Northrop (Gentlemen) offers a gripping disaster story that, for its reliance Trapped. Michael Northrop, Scholastic Press, $ (p) ISBN. Scotty and his friends Pete and Jason are among the last seven kids at their high school waiting to get picked up the day the blizzard started, and they soon. Seven students are stranded in their New England high school during a week-long blizzard that shuts down power and heat, freezes pipes, and leaves them.


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It is probably my favorite genre ever. Before this, I have read five YA survival books - three of them trapped michael northrop it onto my list of favorite books ever. Alas, this was the first that I really didn't like.

In fact, I liked it so little that I couldn't finish it. It wasn't worth it. Trapped michael northrop was one of the worst books I've read in a while, and I'll certainly never be reading anything by Northrop again.

The worst part was the writing. I'll gi Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love survival stories.

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I'll give you a couple examples of it in the form trapped michael northrop character descriptions, because they exemplify the consistent problems in Northrop's writing, and they'll come trapped michael northrop again when I talk about the characters. My name is Scotty Weems. I prefer Scotty, but most people, even my friends, call me Weems.

I guess it's easy to say, and maybe some people think it's funny. It doesn't bother me that much. I'm just glad that Snotty Trapped michael northrop never really caught on as a nickname.

Anyway, I'm an athlete, so I made peace with my last name a long while ago.

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Since I was a little kid in T-ball, I heard it shouted every time I did something right and every time I screwed up, too.

These days it's on the back of my basketball jersey. I like to think that someday trapped michael northrop will be chanting from the bleachers: I'll be sort of like your guide through all this. Some of the others might've seen things differently, and some of them might've told it better, but you don't get to pick.

You don't because, for one thing, not all of us trapped michael northrop it.


This is his friend, Pete: Pete was just, like, a normal kid. It was sort of his role.

Trapped by Michael Northrop

It might sound strange, being known for what you aren't, but Pete wasn't a jock or a Future Farmer of America or a student council member, and he wasn't super hip or incredibly smart.

He was just a normal sophomore. And finally, here's Krista: Trapped michael northrop was trapped michael northrop a blue wool hat, even though she was indoors: Her skin had just a few reddish brown freckles here and there.