Sistema, 3D&T, Sistema Daemon, Sistema d20/Sistema OGL · Licença · Open Game License · Faixa etária · Website · Página Oficial. Criado em por Marcelo Cassaro, Rogério Saladino e J. M. Trevisan, Tormenta é um  Sistema‎: ‎3D&T‎, Sistema Daemon, ‎Sistema d2. J.M. Trevisan is the author of Crônicas da Tormenta ( avg rating, Crônicas da Tormenta: Quatorze histórias no mundo de Arton! by Tormenta 3D&T by. 3 D&T Alpha - Tormenta Alpha. Jonas Lima. 3 d&t alpha manual e.r - taverna do elfo e do arcanios. OlinoBoz. 3 d&t alpha mega city - manual.


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The setting is in a world called "Tormenta". It's in the usual medieval era with many forests, valleys, deserts and plains, with many half-gods dwelling in various places scattered across the world. The races are divided tormenta 3d&t the usual humans which are the most common race, a LOT of elves who live for about years and tormenta 3d&t, mainly.

There are goblins, trolls and basically every single usual monster in the book.


Dragons who dwell in caves, as usual. All the half-gods usually have some castle or some such, with most of the evil guys trying to make races fight for them. There are tormenta 3d&t basic attributes: Strength, Skill and Intelligence. Legend - Twelve points, with a maximum tormenta 3d&t -6 points in disadvantages.

High powered level characters if you want to start things dangerously. Tormenta 3d&t are also rules for starting money, which is normally a 1d6 times coins.

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A GM can fluff that on credits, zenny, what the fuck ever he wants. You can even start with a character in debt due to this, and he'll tormenta 3d&t to use the loot he grabs on adventures to pay his debtors!


You can't buy stuff that gives you advantages with tormenta 3d&t cash generated by Rich, however, although any logistic problems the party might encounter will probably be made null.

One of the things your starting points can be spent on are Tormenta 3d&t, aka Stats.

What is "tormenta"

They make an outlier of how powerful you are, and to give you a sense of scale, normal humans have zero in all of those, with 1 being the humanly possible for someone. The Characteristics on the game are: PowerAbilityTormenta 3d&tArmor and Firepower. One thing however, is that no starting character can start with more than five points in a single characteristic.

tormenta 3d&t


Which reminds me of the WW Storyteller system! Hit Points and Magic Points Hit tormenta 3d&t are the meter for a character's health, and are normally calculated by multiplying a character's Resistance stat by five.

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Magic points work the tormenta 3d&t way, but they work as fuel for magical or supernatural abilities, or even to strengthen normal attacks if they have the correct Advantages. Advantages and Disadvantages Advantages and Disadvantages will be listed and explained later, but they are pretty much traits that can either cost or give you extra points on character creation.

Instead of tormenta 3d&t all your stuff in characteristics, you can spend a few points to grab some of those, and tormenta 3d&t get bonus character creation points by picking disadvantages to your character. There are also 'unique' advantages that are packed with a lot of smaller advantages and disadvantages, and pretty much serve to have you play as a non-human character, like a robot, dwarf or fairy.

Skills Skills are special advantages that serve as a bunch of stuff your character knows about.

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Good to grab them if you want to play as something other than a fighting machine. Tormenta 3d&t will come on the Skills chapter. Magic Some advantages also give a character the ability to use magic.

Be a wizard, tormenta 3d&t, cleric, kung fu dude, you can use some cool spells.


Of course, this only applies whether the GM gives you permission to include magic on the setting, and these rules can be pretty much ignored on non-magical ones. More will come in the Magic chapter. Finishing touches After the brief resume of those things above, the book now gives you advice tormenta 3d&t observing your character sheet and seeing if it works with the concept you made in your tormenta 3d&t, and also encourages you to ignore verisimilitude.

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