Results 1 - 12 of 15 - Magical club programme: A completely routined and fully explained magical club programme, running for thirty minutes, the material for. Theodore Annemann was Born as Theodore John Squires on the 22nd of February, , in East Waverly, New York, Theodore (Theo). So thanks again, Arthur Lloyd, for the idea that has grown into Methods of Forcing. Theo. Annemann. April 12, Previous | Next | Contents.


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Theodore Annemann

Ted theo annemann the second 'n' in Annemann bullet catch video Early in his life, Annemann began working as a railroad clerk and then got into show business as a tenor singer and a magician's assistant. He eventually became interested in mentalism and used his invention and performance skills to become one of the most talented and respected magicians of theo annemann s.

He invented the "Window Envelope" by and "Flat Rabbit" in Annemann perfected his own version of the famous bullet catch illusion, performing the effect outdoors.

Accounts theo annemann his performance describe the feat as a dramatic effect wherein Annemann would collapse from the apparent force of the gun and then produce the bullet from his blood-drenched mouth.

In he became the editor of the famous magazine The Jinxpublished primarily theo annemann magicians.

The magazine theo annemann primarily focused on mentalism, but did also feature ground-breaking effects from other fields of magic. The publication of this magazine ceased after Annemann's death and copies of it have become collector's items.


The magazine was focused on mentalism, but also featured ground-breaking effects from other fields of magic. The publication of this magazine ceased after Annemann's death and theo annemann of it have become collector's items.

Effects from the magazine have been published in several books and manuscripts, among theo annemann Annemann's Practical Mental Magic. From a box of ammunition, Theo annemann would select a bullet and mark it in some way.

Theodore “Theo” Annemann - Find A Grave Memorial

While the marksman would load the weapon, Theo would stand holding only a plate. When the marksman would fire at the performer, the apparent theo annemann of being shot would push Annemann backward, causing him to fall. After the fall, the performer would spit the bullet out theo annemann his blood — drenched mouth and onto the plate.


Theo annemann the blood, Annemann would have suffered no harm. Annemann published several other titles, such as: They got married in and 8 years later they had a daughter, whom they named Mona Lee.

Theodore Annemann Biography of an American mentalist/magician

Two years after Mona Lee was born, Greta and Theo divorced. One year later, the mentalist married Jeanette Parr. Annemann theo annemann scheduled theo annemann perform the impressive bullet catch trick for the first time indoors on January 12, He never got to do it, as he committed suicide two weeks before that.


While the exact reason theo annemann he chose to do that theo annemann always be a mystery, it is well documented that Theodore Annemann had battled with his own demons for many years, including severe stage fright, alcohol, and his two failed marriages.