Listen to "The Newcomer" by Robyn Carr available from Rakuten Kobo. Narrated by Therese Plummer. Start a free day trial today and get your first. The Newcomer was another thoroughly enjoyable read from Robyn Carr's new Thunder Point series. I only have one small complaint which I'll get out of the way. The Newcomer by Robyn Carr (Thunder Point #2) June 25, Contemporary Harlequin. Reviewed by Helyce. In The Newcomer, we return.


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Breeze gets a little chilly sometimes, but the sun is so wonderful. You start to crave sun around here after winter rains and winds. I just took my board out—the bay is beautiful.

I have the Razor and the dog. It was the newcomer robyn carr Sarah and sixteen-year-old Landon; they were a family of two and kept pretty tight tabs on each other.

The Newcomer | RobynCarr

I think we check in three or four times a day. I have some steaks in the freezer, potatoes in the cooler….

This the newcomer robyn carr not a restaurant. And he was needed for other things—maintenance, cleaning, purchasing and delivery from big box stores like Costco that were out of town. Therefore, personal groceries were often in short supply.

The Newcomer

If I go home to shower and change and bring a salad or a vegetable back with me, will you clean your plate? The newcomer robyn carr was frequently shaken by the intensity of his passion for her. He knew his eyes glowed and knew she interpreted him correctly. You can take my truck and your dog home later.

She was not only understandably gun shy, she also had Landon, just finishing up his junior year in high school and headed for a fantastic senior year—his athletic prowess the newcomer robyn carr academic performance would undoubtedly land him a scholarship.


And they needed that scholarship. Sarah did all right, but sending someone to college for four years would prove a challenge. Sarah was finished in the bathroom and on her way out the door before Landon stirred for school.

Review: The Newcomer by Robyn Carr

She left him a note and twenty dollars for gas or lunch or incidentals. It added up to making her feel brand new and full of energy. Ashley is 16 and the newcomer robyn carr with missing her boyfriend, Downey, who is a freshman in college.

I thought the issue of depression and getting Ashley the help she needed was well done.

The Newcomer (Thunder Point, #2) by Robyn Carr

Unfortunately, I was disappointed in how the cyber the newcomer robyn carr aspect was handled. Today, with all the social media available to our children, this happens all too often.

In the story, they knew who was directly responsible, but she was not held accountable at all and received no punishment of any kind.

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  • The Newcomer (Thunder Point, book 2) by Robyn Carr
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Robyn Carr is well known for her Virgin River books and I have to admit right up front that I am a huge fan of that series. With that being the case, I guess it wasn't too surprising that both these couples shared the stage again in The Newcomer, the newcomer robyn carr to overcome additional difficulties and growing their love.

In all honesty, this didn't diminish my overall enjoyment of the novel, as evidenced by my 5-star rating. Still, I can't help having a preference for one couple being the main focus and hope that future books will lean more in that direction, or at the newcomer robyn carr very least, that the blurbs will be clearer about the content.

Review: The Newcomer by Robyn Carr

At the end the newcomer robyn carr The Wanderer, Sarah and Cooper had gotten their "I love yous" out of the way, but there was no clear path for their future.

Due to a cheating ex-husband and a bitter divorce, Sarah was a commitment phobic, and basically still is when The Newcomer opens.

Their relationship is solid, but when Sarah gets advance warning from her boss that a transfer to a Coast Guard command position somewhere on the east coast is coming down the pipeline in the next few months, she completely keeps it to herself.

She spends a lot of time the newcomer robyn carr and worrying, while trying to decide whether to accept the promotion or resign her commission for the sake of her brother, Landon, and her growing relationship with Cooper.