The Lego Ideas Book: Unlock Your Imagination [Daniel Lipkowitz] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Discover new and creative building. The toy maker LEGO has created several platforms for involving the many passionate builders in the development of new models. Through LEGO Ideas, fans. Matches 1 - 23 of 23 - Notes: Theme labelled as CUUSOO. Based on project "Back to the Future (BTTF) - DeLorean Time Machine" by user ''.


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Meanwhile the Flintstones, below, is a recreation of the house from the show - characters and all. It has six minifigures of the six main characters, a version the lego ideas the car, and all the other smaller details.

Glad I didn't buy it as a gift. Yes No Inspiring - I gave this book to my 6-year-old son this evening, and he was thrilled and very inspired. We have a moderate Lego collection, and The lego ideas have emphasised to him that this is an IDEAS book - they are not instructions - just illustrations of what we might be able to build with the bricks we already the lego ideas.

However, money does not seem to be a major part of the motivation for contributing.

Lego Ideas | WE-ECONOMY

Rather, users do it because they want the experience of interacting directly with a brand they care for. We pay the inventors out of a consideration of fairness.

Credit and inventor photo from the LEGO Research Institute building manual Bjarne Tveskov, who co-invented the Cuusoo Minecraft sets, thinks that being treated with respect is the lego ideas main motivation. For him, money would almost pollute the relationship.


The borders between those inside and the lego ideas outside the company are becoming more blurred. Although there are hundreds of thousands of users, who rank or comment on models, or upload their creations to various online galleries, the most valuable input comes from a small group of users who are extremely engaged as well as very talented in building and developing ideas.

At the LEGO Ideas platform, the outstanding ideas that gather support come from just a few hundred talents, and most proposals receive very the lego ideas support.

Challenges The LEGO brand is very strong, and many fans have deep emotional ties to the company and its product.

Allowing users to participate — either by submitting entire ideas or by supporting sets they like — deepens the connection between company and users. Lego Ideas later changed the threshold to include a minimum number of 1, votes in the first year after submission or the project would expire, followed by six months to reach the lego ideas, and then another six months to reach the 10, supported votes.

the lego ideas


Originally, project submissions were allowed to be about anything and had no limits on the size and style of project. After sets began to be the lego ideas with stated reasons, Lego Ideas announced restrictions on content including the the lego ideas of no new part molds, banning intellectual properties owned by competing toy companies, and adult content.

Review phase[ edit ] Due to the increasing number of project submissions based on ideas that the Lego Company would reject, Lego Ideas has refined its submission standards over the years.

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