Marc Forster and Khaled Hosseini at an event for The Kite Runner Zekeria Ebrahimi and Ahmad Khan Mahmoodzada in The Kite Runner Marc. About The Kite Runner. The #1 New York Times bestselling debut novel that introduced Khaled Hosseini to millions of readers the world over. The unforgettable. The #1 New York Times bestselling debut novel that introduced Khaled Hosseini to millions of readers the world over. The unforgettable, heartbreaking story of.


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Educational Value Teens will learn about Afghanistan from the s throughincluding divisions between religious and political groups, and life in Kabul before and during the Taliban's rule.

They'll also pick up some Farsi words and understand more about the kite runner experience of Afghani immigrants to the United States. After Amir winning a competition of kiting, Hassan runs to bring a kite to Amir, but he is beaten and raped by the brutal Assef in an empty street to protect Amir's kite; the coward Amir witness the assault but does not help the loyal Hassam.

On the day after his birthday party, Amir hides his new watch in Hassam's bed to frame the boy as a thief and force his father to fire Ali, releasing his conscience from recalling his the kite runner and betrayal. Assef then badly beats Amir, breaking several bones, until Sohrab uses a slingshot to fire a brass ball into Assef's left eye.

Sohrab helps Amir out of the house, where he passes out and wakes up in a hospital. the kite runner

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini

Amir tells Sohrab of his plans to take him back to America and possibly adopt him. The kite runner, American authorities demand evidence of Sohrab's orphan status.


Amir tells Sohrab that he may have to go back to the orphanage the kite runner a little while as they encounter a problem in the adoption process, and Sohrab, terrified about the kite runner to the orphanage, attempts suicide.

Amir eventually manages to take him back to the United States. After his adoption, Sohrab refuses to interact with Amir or Soraya until the former reminisces about Hassan and kites and shows off some of Hassan's tricks.

In the end, Sohrab only gives a lopsided smile, but Amir takes it with all his heart as he runs the kite for Sohrab, saying, "For you, a thousand times over. Khaled Hosseini acknowledged that the character is "an unlikable coward who failed to come to the the kite runner of his best friend" for much of the duration of the the kite runner consequently, Hosseini chose to create sympathy for Amir through circumstances rather than the personality he was given until the last third of the book.

The Kite Runner

As a child, he enjoys storytelling and is encouraged by Rahim Khan to become a well known writer. At age the kite runner, he and his father flee to America following the Soviet Military invasion of Afghanistan, where he pursues his dream of being a writer.

Hassan is Amir's closest childhood friend.

He is described as having a China doll face, green eyes, and a harelip. Hosseini regards him as a flat the kite runner in terms of development; he is "a lovely guy and you root for him and you love him but he's not complicated".

Moreover, it would make Hassan a Pashtun according to tribal law and not Hazara as he's actually the son of Baba, and ironic for Assef to bully him as both Assef and Hassan are half Pashtuns.

Hassan is later killed by the Taliban for refusal to abandon Amir's property. Assef is the kite runner son of a Pashtun father and a German mother, and believes that Pashtuns are superior to Hazaras, although he himself is not a full Pashtun.

As a teenager, he is a neighborhood bully and is enamored with Hitler and Nazism. He is described as a " sociopath " by Amir. He rapes Hassan to the kite runner revenge on Amir. As an adult, he joins the Taliban and sexually abuses Hassan's son, Sohrab and other children of Sohrab's orphanage.