Als je Taalwetenschap studeert, zul je bovendien leren hoe het komt dat de mens over een ingewikkelde taal beschikt en de aan de mens. Title: Taal en Taalwetenschap. Author(s): Appel, R.; Baker, A.; Muysken, P.C. ; Hengeveld, K.; Kuiken, F. Publication year: Publisher: Oxford [etc.]. Buy the book Taal en Taalwetenschap from Wiley-Blackwell as an eBook on - the leading online portal for fiction and non-fiction publications.


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It touches upon other disciplines, such as psychology, logic and information technology, and is highly multi- and interdisciplinary.

With their assistance, you can become well prepared and can avoid having to retake exams. All three children studied increase the frequency and diversity of types of interaction.

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They do differ taal en taalwetenschap this age but not greatly and at age 7 they are all quite advanced in their narrative ability. The typically-developing bilingual group do not show these effects and are comparable to the monolingual Turkish children.

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Taal en taalwetenschap features can probably be considered martkers of SLI in Turkish. The CI children show difficulty in using weak phonological representations to make phonological-lexical contrasts, especially in word intial consosonants.

Normally hearing children also show difficulty in learning minimalpairs. At thesign level there is considerable varying ability. Why is Subject verb agreement vulnerable in SLI?

It shows that the verbal agreement paradigm taal en taalwetenschap Dutch is acquired to a high degree by both monolingual and bilingual SLI children learning Dutch.

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The paradigm itself is not vulnerable butthe context of using the paradigm is since taal en taalwetenschap involves verb movement. This suggests that aspects of load are important in explaining this feature of SLI, atleast in some languages.

Paper available on request. Paper can be obtained on request.


This paper shows that case marking is not generally affected in SLI children in Turkish. However taal en taalwetenschap context of object marking in the marked word order is affected.


This paper indicates that adjectival agreement is most strongly taal en taalwetenschap qualitatively and quantitively in L2 adults. The children show quantitive effects suggesting more problems with intake than a deficiency ingrammar in this area. Is Specific Language impairment so specific?

Samenvatting boek Taal en Taalwetenschap - Baker, Don, Hengeveld - Inleiding in taalkunde - Stuvia

Powerpoint Non-present talkand taal en taalwetenschap ability in young Dutch children Paper by Akke de Blauw and Anne Baker presented to the Netwerk Eerste Taalverwerving, the annual workshop on child language research in the Netherlands and Belgium, February 22nd, taal en taalwetenschap The paper presents the firstfindings fromAkke de Blauw's Ph.

There is a clear increaseto be seen in Non-Present Talk overtime. Fantasy isthe one category wherethe children take initiative and are less scaffolded.


Requests for paper to first author. Determiner Omission in child language: Thispaper exploresthe relationship between the omission of determiners inFrench, Dutch and English in relation to the various pragmatic functions involved in reference.

Samenvatting boek Taal en Taalwetenschap - Baker, Don, Hengeveld

There are some suggestions of relationships but the evidence taal en taalwetenschap not strong that pragmatics is relevant here. Bij talenstudies als Frans, Engels en Spaans ga je ook in op zinsbouw, klankvormen en betekenisstructuren, maar bij Taalwetenschap ga je nog een stapje verder.

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