Editorial Reviews. From Library Journal. For his role as the journalist Dith Pran in the film The Survival in the Killing Fields - Kindle edition by Haing Ngor. Best known for his academt award-winning role as Dith Pran in "The Killing Fields", for Haing Ngor his greatest performance was not in. Born in Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge, SreyRam Kuy's mother fought like a tiger to survive the Killing Fields - and life in a strange new.


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Ngor took the word for revenge and paired it with the word for people, monuss.

Why did the Cambodian people Kum. Why did the Cambodian people allow the Khmer Survival in the killing fields to herd them into the countryside as if they were valueless animals, to work twenty hour days on ill thought out if they were thought out at all projects that they would never finish, moving along to the next and then the next, starved and brutalized and murdered?

How did the the Khmer Rouge think this was going anywhere other than Well, it lead to a whole lotta death, more brutal regimes almost exactly the same new faces on top, is all and then some survival in the killing fields the old people back in charge in not-getting-on-the-news-much oppression and for some success rates to sweep under tourist postcards of the Angkor Wat.

It can't get better.

: Survival in the Killing Fields eBook: Haing Ngor: Kindle Store

Revenge on who knows who anymore. Someone is always pissed. The same old story you see see every day in some history book or news page. Sihanouk, the royalist figurehead under French colonization who would bargain at least it looked that way on the surface.

Survival in the Killing Fields

The average guy on the street swallowed the prepared propaganda for sovereignty from France and then get "elected" for a reign of rampant corruption.

Pretty much The Godfather style of tributes, favors and protection money government. After him they had Lon Nol. The USA stuck around to help out just like they did with Laos. Oh wait, they survival in the killing fields no such thing.

  • Survival in the Killing Fields by Haing Ngor
  • Haing S. Ngor - Wikipedia

China was handing out money and weapons but they'd never do that! Not to brutal dictators who kill civilians! Not statistics like millions died years ago I wasn't born when the Khmer Rouge were in survival in the killing fields. It felt like it was yesterday reading it.

Survival in the Killing Fields : Haing S. Ngor :

Because it really is! It always is, somewhere. Fields of dead on dead and kum-monuss waiting to be born to replace them. BUT, they weren't really communists at all.

There are theories that the unknown leader his name wasn't known until !

The Khmer Rouge took over in Pol Pot was a deranged psychopath. There's a lot to be said for that theory.


So some privileged kids went to college in France where they learned of something called communism. Sounds like a neat way to get power, tell yourself you're in the right and nurse like snake's venom to your breast all your old little hurts by authority figures.

Maybe at first they were sick of the corruption of Sihanouk Pol Pot's cousin and aunt were in his harem. Survival in the killing fields they were idiots and didn't think out any of the theories, or bother to see how badly they failed in Russia and China, and were failing in Vietnam.