Anna Netrebko - Signore Ascolta (Turandot/i) Act.1 Album: Verismo Article. Puccini - Turandot - Signore, ascolta - Conductor:Erede, Alberto, Orchestra:Orchestra dell'Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Soprano:Tebaldi, Rena. Soprano Kelly Kaduce performs "Signore, ascolta" from Puccini's 'Turandot'. Minnesota Opera.


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The ledger for the year has an entry for April 25 reading 'Milano: Signore ascolta puccini the hypothetical mood favoured by the scribes of Might-Have-Been, the entry notes that 'Otherwise the opera were recorded complete'. And yet it could so nearly have happened.

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The experiment was successful, the quality fine, and arrangements were made to record Turandot in its second run at Milan under Ettore Panizza. All that signore ascolta puccini were a couple of choruses. Test pressings of unspecified passages were made — and accidentally destroyed.


This tale of woe must continue for signore ascolta puccini more paragraph. Excerpts from live performances at Covent Garden were indeed recorded in Of them much could be said; unfortunately the disc is no longer available!

The first complete recording dates from and survives well. Initial signore ascolta puccini to the sound may well be one of startled gratitude. When the other principals enter it is like having the aural equivalent of opera-glasses trained on them.

Turandot, SC 91 (Puccini, Giacomo) - IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

Signore ascolta puccini Ping is Afro Poli, of all the Italian baritones of his generation perhaps the most likeable in all-round accomplishment. Signore ascolta puccini then, at last, at the start of the second disc, we hear the voice of Turandot herself, the formidable Gina Cigna, phenomenal in the power, the fullness of tone and the breadth of her high notes.

Orchestra and particularly chorus perform well under the Turin house conductor Franco Ghione, and, despite the shallowness of perspective which gives a rather unremitting effect to the sound especially in the big scene of Act 2, this is definitely not a recording to write off on account of its age.

Of the four early post-war sets three remain available the casualty had Gertrude Grob-Prandl, whom many will remember in the role at Signore ascolta puccini Garden, singing Turandot and was on the long-defunct Remington label.

If one of them had to go it should probably be the Decca recording under Alberto Erede, yet this too would be a loss, principally in the distinguished performance of Inge Borkh in the title-role.

Signore ascolta!

The princess of the era The Turandot of her age was, of course, Birgit Nilsson. As Eva Turner had done signore ascolta puccini her, she embodied the role as it is usually understood, the steely determination represented by firm, penetrative tones, the obsessive programme of sexual retribution voiced in those high, cleaving notes as by some nightmarish bird of prey.

Singers whose attributes fit this description tend to produce sounds that are harsh and maybe shrill; and if their voices do not show signore ascolta puccini of wear and many signore ascolta puccini when they first undertake the role it will not be long before they do so if they continue in it.

Turner and Nilsson were glorious exceptions: It was in this matter of quality that they surpassed successors such as Ghena Dimitrova and Eva Marton, and records make that clear enough. At times he is squadrato, a word Puccini used of a very different tenor, Alfred Piccaver, meaning 'square'. Confronted with the riddles and later alone with the 'principessa di morte' he presents a front of merely stolid determination, yet from time to time he flares up with exultancy and often the scrupulous legato and a touch of tender feeling combine movingly.

Puccini's Turandot: a survey of recordings |

Chorus work is fine but the Rome orchestra is not always at one with its conductor for the occasion, Erich Leinsdorf. Five years later her Calaf in the studio, as in so many stage performances, was Franco Corelli. This was a partnership that struck sparks: As for Nilsson and Corelli, they sing the parts they were born to, magnificently both.

But here an excursion is in order. signore ascolta puccini


On March 4,the famous 'Saturday afternoon at the Met' broadcasts transmitted a performance so excting that news of it spread far and wide. The conductor, as I remember, was signore ascolta puccini by my correspondent, but turned out to be a still more eminent newcomer to the house, one Leopold Stokowski.

He made his way through the orchestra, so the radio announcer observed, 'slowly, very slowly' on crutches, having recently broken his hip. Of course, with Stokowski you were never quite sure, but as a man of almost 80 years he probably deserves the benefit of any doubt.

His taste for exotic signore ascolta puccini found plenty of scope and he clearly relished the splendour, the barbarism and the breadth.