Shike [Robert Shea] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Beautiful young Taniko struggles under oppression as the mistress of the cruel. Shike by Robert Shea, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Before shōgun in a Japan of warring clans and star-crossed lovers there was the glorious saga of Shike. (Includes "Time of the Dragons" and ".


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With the young son who is now a clan leader they go to Shike robert shea to make a name for themselves and gain more warriors to their cause. Over the years they eventually side with the Mongols and survive war after war.


Sometimes only mere chance separates Jebu from Taniko. The characters in this novel were very realistic. While they did venture on the side of being too good, they have some flaws that make them believable characters.

I have been hearing about it since I was a child. The most wonderful city in shike robert shea land. And soon I shall see it. shike robert shea

And the famous Tokaido Road as well. Had we lived in earlier times, then you would have seen Heian Kyo in its glory. Now the city is tumbling down and overrun with brawling samurai.

As for the Tokaido, much of the territory it passes through is controlled by the Muratomo. And the girl Taniko is a kinswoman of shike robert shea Takashi.

What's more, her husband-to-be is Prince Sasaki no Horigawa. The Muratomo hate him even more than they do their Takashi foes. The Shima have an shike robert shea name but great wealth and great ambition.

Time of the Dragons

Both sides look on the match as useful. Witness the fact that he is only willing to pay for one Zinja initiate to escort his daughter all that way through enemy territory. As for Horigawa, he is bloody-minded and shike robert shea, and has worn two wives to death already.

And the Lady Taniko is a wilful girl of thirteen. She has never met Horigawa, and shike robert shea informants tell me she rebels fiercely against the match.

Shike : Robert Shea :

She would rebel even more if she had met him. The sea wind blew against his face; the rising sun warmed his shike robert shea. Below, the white-capped waves rolled in as regularly as the beating of a heart, carrying unreadable messages from the land of his father.

The women's quarters of the Waterfowl Temple were set back from shike robert shea cliff, to the east and north of the main temple and a respectable distance from the monks' building.

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It was a distance that made little difference, because there was nothing in the Zinja rule to stop the men from visiting the women's quarters whenever they wished. In the past few years Shike robert shea had been among those unattached monks who slipped into the women's quarters at night.