ArchiCAD 15 - New Features - The Shell Tool More information: http. BIMES Dubai. High Resolution version of our famous Shell Tool in Action Video! In this video, creating a. Shell Tutorial. Nov 14, '11 AM. Author Jeff B Categories ArchiCAD, Modeling, Tools Tags object, shell. Create custom geometry for furniture, lights.


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Shell has three different modeling or geometry methods: The extruded method works similarly to creating tubes. The revolved method creates a shape around the axis.

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The ruled method shell archi cad tutorial you create twisted planes. Using the Shell tool's Ruled method shown in greenyou can create twisted plane shapes. Use Shell to create non-perpendicular structures and classify them as walls, roofs, or slabs for correct export to structural applications.

You can assign a wall type composite to a shell's structure. You can stretch an edge of a revolved shell, and it distorts as if it were rubber.

These new methods should let you create any shape; however, I'd like to see something more like a push-pull concept for modeling forms. The Roof tool has been improved.

In previous releases, designing a multiplane roof meant you had to create a bunch of separate roof plane objects that fit together. Now a multiplane roof behaves like a single, coordinated roof system.

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After you define the perimeter and create the roof, you can shell archi cad tutorial click on the edges, peaks, and corners to change shapes and contours, turn hips into gables, and more.

You can do all of this in a 3D window — a very nice improvement. When you work inside a 3D view, it's easy to become disoriented. ArchiCAD 15 has added the 3D editing plane to help.


You can shell archi cad tutorial conform this plane to the plane of any element in your view, as well as the universal xyz-planes. Guidelines are now under editing planes, and you can shell archi cad tutorial them around to help you snap to the planes of other elements in your view.

ArchiCAD 15 adds workflow support for renovation and refurbishment projects — a long-time wish from users and a timely addition for today's building market, where upgrades and additions can be more common than new construction.

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Renovation filters let you control how you want new, existing, shell archi cad tutorial demolition linework to display. Put very simply, a demolition element could be dashed; existing linework could be a thin solid line; and new work could be a bold solid line. And it's now easy to create your own renovation plan types or styles using custom renovation filters.

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Each approach has different strengths, and users may choose between these methods in order to handle a wide variety of project sizes and scenarios.

This style is automatically applied to each entry of a particular type shell archi cad tutorial, section, elevation, detail, etc.

This is a tremendous time-saver, particularly when set up in an office template for use in multiple projects. The Detail Marker Tool and Detail Drawing Window Part 1 of 3 Detail drawings are shell archi cad tutorial of the most important yet sometimes under-appreciated parts of the architectural design and documentation process.