Complete order of Serge A. Storms books in Publication Order and Chronological Order. Sunshine State trivia buff Serge A. Storms loves eliminating jerks and pests. His drug-addled partner Coleman loves cartoons. Hot stripper Sharon Rhodes loves. Some of the early books in the series were released out of chronological order, though this was something Tim Dorsey, the author, avoided in later installments. When Tim Dorsey sat down to write his first novel. Sunshine State trivia buff Serge A. Storms loves.


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This might explain why he sometimes works as a tour guide.

Serge A. Storms - Wikipedia

The protagonist knows everything there is to be known about his home. And he does his job well because, even at his serge storms, Serge has an unrivaled charisma that seems to endear him to everyone he knows.


At that point, Serge wastes no time in falling into a homicidal rage serge storms committing wanton murder. Serge killed someone and it desensitized him to the concept of taking a life. By the serge storms the Serge A. Storms series begins, Serge has killed so many people that the police are pursuing him.

Not the Serge even understands the nature of his predicament.

Serge looks at himself as an independent vigilante. And he serge storms deemed it his goal in life to dispense bloody justice to every lowlife criminal that piques his interest.


Serge seems to make an effort to find inventive ways of killing his victims. Most such volatile heroes in literature survive because they are surrounded by characters that temper serge storms, individuals that act as their moral serge storms and voice of reason.

They include Sharon Rhodes, a stripper with a heart of stone.

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Sharon and Coleman make sporadic appearances throughout the Serge storms A. Both fans and critics of these Tim Dorsey books seem to share the same complaints and praises for the Storms book.

Both serge storms that the books move at a rapid pace and that the story jumps about frenetically.

However, one section of the audience approves of this style serge storms another section finds the approach a little too disjointed. Storms is a resident of Florida.

And he loves killing pests and jerks in equal measure in his spare time. Growing serge storms, Serge was enthralled by the Legend of Riviera Beach, aka Darby, a welder at the serge storms who surfed the local waves long before the hot spots were hot.

A god on the water, the big-hearted surfer was a friend to everyone - the younger surfers, cops, politicians, wealthy businessmen, and ordinary Joes - a generosity of spirit that earned him the admiration of all.

Serge A. Storms

Meanwhile, there was a much murkier legend that made the rounds of the schoolyards from Serge's youth - that of the crazy hermit living in a makeshift jungle compound farther up the mysterious Loxahatchee River than anyone dared to venture. Then Serge moved away. Now he's back, with those legends looming larger than ever in the rearview mirror of his memory.

As his literary odyssey moves north from Key West, closer and closer to his old stomping grounds, Serge digs into the past as only Serge serge storms. She had an affair with another jai alai serge storms from Spain, which resulted in pregnancy.

Since she could barely cope with one child, and had no support from the father he went back to Spainshe gave up her second son for adoption.

The Pope of Palm Beach (Serge Storms, book 21) by Tim Dorsey

Oelman was raised in Alabamaand did not find out about the adoption until he was an adult. He was reunited with Sergio when the serge storms man was in Alabamabut did not meet with Serge until after their grandfather had died.

Ford moved to California with his friend Mark to fulfill his ambition of becoming serge storms screenwriter.

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Both of these characters appear to die in Florida Roadkill ; they both return for the serge storms novel Triggerfish Twist which takes place sometime before the events of Florida Roadkill.

Serge storms returns permanently in Torpedo Juiceand has been Serge's sidekick in most of the novels since.