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As the sun at dawn unfolds the lotus-flower With abounding love all my intent unfold. Go live, O Selalihini, a hundred years with friends and kinsfolk, Just as you may please with salalihini sandeshaya attained.

Yet, the author's name has been lost with time.

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The salalihini sandeshaya was to be sent to Thotagamuwa from from Kotte, more than 96km, to Ven Sri Rahula Thero, to ask him to pray to Natha, a Buddhist deity, for the protection of the faith. This poem contains much information on King Parakramabahu and the pirivena monastic collegewhich the Ven Thotagamuwe Sri Rahula Thero headed.

But the most outstanding part portrays the forest: When you see forest women, whose graceful salalihini sandeshaya Is twined with screw-pine petals, who dust themselves With pollen of blown blossom, and in that wild region Long for love's contents, speak not to them but go on your way!

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Finally there is the Neelakobeyiya Sandeshaya, "The Dove's Message" - the emerald dove species - composed by an astrologer with a certain occult reputation, Barana of Matara, to God Kataragama to invoke blessings in the cure of a skin disease.

Written by Kaveeshwara - grandson of Gurulugomi, an authority on Sinhala literature - its aim was to protect the king and salalihini sandeshaya people, and was sent from Gampola to Upulvan, a guardian deity linked to an ancient salalihini sandeshaya at Devinuwara, near Matara.

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The message in the kavya is about safeguarding King Parakramabahu V of Dedigama in the Gampola kingdom, his ministers and mother.

This fictitious messenger flies from Dedigama to deliver the message to Upulvan at Devinuwara. The rock pigeon of ''The Pigeon's Salalihini sandeshaya Illustration: They have ordained prince Jayaba as a novice monk and was given the religious name Wachissara Rahula Thera.

Vijayaba Pirivena in Thotagamuwa, Salalihini sandeshaya in Galle District served as the most renowned and salalihini sandeshaya education center of the Kotte era. King Vijayabahu I of Polonnaruwa was the founder of this famous pirivena [4] which has produced many oriental scholars to the country.

In a short period of time young Rahula thera acquired a wide knowledge in literature, oriental languages and Buddhist scriptures.


It was at Vijayaba Pirivena in Thotagamuwa, Sri Rahula thera spent most of his life and created some of his salalihini sandeshaya famous literary works. Later he succeeded his grandfather Uthurumua Rahula thera and Galthurumula thera as the chief prelate of Vijayaba Pirivena in Thotagamuwa, Hikkaduwa.

It is said due to the effect of salalihini sandeshaya Ayurvedic drug named "Siddaloka Rasaya" which was taken by Sri Rahula thera, his body did not decompose as a usual dead body and kept growing beard and nails. Because of this mysterious nature of the salalihini sandeshaya it was not cremated as usual.

The cadaver of Sri Rahula thera was kept at Vijayaba pirvena for some time, until the arrival of Portuguese invaders to Sri Lanka in