Summary: Jane is hit by a car and left for dead in a rosebush. While lying in hospital, temporarily paralysed she runs through her memories of. Rosebush by Michele Jaffe - book cover, description, publication history. Transcript of Rosebush by:Michelle Jaffe. Short Summary Rosebush: The book Rosebush is about a 16 year old girl named Jane Freeman who.


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Jane Freeman is a believable adolescent, trivial and thoughtless most of the time, but capable of insight and empathy when she stops to think. Jane is found, near death, in a rosebush — rosebush michele jaffe victim of hit and run. One of them still is.

Jaffe fully develops the evolution of Rosebush michele jaffe situation and the piecemeal return of her memories after her trauma-induced amnesia fades. As you might expect from a mystery novel. David's car being the one that almost hits Jane is an especially notable example.

A rumour is made up about Nicky.

Nicky blames it on Jane, but rosebush michele jaffe was actually Ollie, on orders from Langley. Loretta has shades of this. It's strongly implied that Langley "punishing" Jane for letting Bonnie die is Langley trying to get rid of her guilt for her mother's death; During the climax with Jane, she seems to confuse the two events, which only makes it more horrifying.

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The issue of the real circumstances behind Bonnie's death are never fully resolved. Ollie, which only makes Jane more creeped out by him.

Langley to Jane, when the latter tries desperately to persuade her Langley doesn't need to kill Jane, and that Langley's mother's rosebush michele jaffe wasn't her fault. Langley doesn't react well.

Jane remembers that she was somehow drugged at the party, but it takes her a while to figure out not only who did it, but what had been spiked. Stalker with rosebush michele jaffe Crush: Scott turns out to be this.

Rosebush by Michele Jaffe - book review

He even freely admits he went through Jane's garbage. He freaks out when Jane rejects him, unable to understand that stalking is NOT love.


Kate shoplifts compulsively- she reveals to Jane she once managed to steal a frickin' car, but had to put it back because there rosebush michele jaffe no way to explain how she got it. At first it seems like it's Ollie, but Langley takes this trope and runs with it, such as describing Jane's funeral to her and commenting on how much she's done for Rosebush michele jaffe popularity.

One minute she was at a party, wearing fairy wings and cuddling with her boyfriend.

Where this story distinguishes itself is in character development. This book is fantastic. I really can't explain how good it is. The characters are vivid, believable and very well written.