Le Tavernelle, Rome Picture: ricevuta non fiscale - dettaglio ordine - Check out TripAdvisor members' candid photos and videos of Le Tavernelle. Il Codice Fiscale o il Numero della Partita IVA vengono aggiunti alla pagina del checkout. Il cliente Con questo add-on va definito anche il template della ricevuta: Se il nostro plugin gratuito non dovesse soddisfare le tue esigenze, prova a. Antica Focacceria San Francesco, Palermo Picture: Ricevuta NON FISCALE - Check out TripAdvisor members' candid photos and videos.


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Il codice Fiscale o la Partita IVA vengono riportate nei dati ricevuta non fiscale, e quindi anche nelle email o nel pdf di fattura o ricevuta Installation Steps to install this plugin. Read the usage instructions in the description.

They also know that tourists have a tendency to think it's "cute" when their waiter does something like, say, scribble the ricevuta non fiscale on the tablecloth or a napkin.


That's not a fiscal receipt. And that's not cute.

Ricevuta fiscale - Picture of Woodstock, Milan

It means that your meal isn't being taxed. It's going right into the owner's pockets, tax-free. This has been a huge issue for, well, ages.

It's something everyone knows, but—until recently—that nobody publicizes. It's part of a system that many Italians mistakenly believe benefits everyone: After all, it obviously helps owners, in the short term, especially since taxes are so ricevuta non fiscale in Italy.

And as a customer?

Ricevuta non fiscale rilasciata da Vinando - Picture of Vinando, Rome - TripAdvisor

If you're a regular, you know that, if you don't ask for a fiscal receipt, your local restaurant or drycleaner or whatever will give you a discount. Except, of course, that they don't. In alone, Italians evaded about billion euros in taxes—that's almost four times the value of Monti's new austerity budget.

ricevuta non fiscale

If Italy were as strict in collecting taxes as the U. Doesn't the government know about this, you ask? Aren't they doing anything?


There's something called the Guardia di Finanza ricevuta non fiscale Italy—think the IRS with ricevuta non fiscale sole job is to make sure that fiscal interactions are done legally.

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