Grow your skills and knowledge focusing predominantly on the practical and legal aspects of listing commercial property for lease. There are estate agents, then there are REIV trained real estate agents. Renewals of Leases 20 The Agent's Role in Commercial Lease. In NSW leases for small offices/warehouse where the term is lease then 3 years Does anyone have a sample of an REIV commercial lease?


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Find out more at www. Attendees will also learn how to manage and control trust accounts in accordance with best practice procedures and legislation. Managing and mitigating risk in real estate practice is integral to ensuring a safe work environment for employees and protecting them from serious litigation.

Upon completion of this course, you should be able to: Reiv commercial lease course will assist in identifying workplace risks and developing strategies to prevent and manage these. Though risks, including safety risks, cannot be removed from the workplace altogether, it is essential that all agency staff are aware of the inherent reiv commercial lease complex risks that can arise in real estate practice and have strategies in place to limit them before incidences occur.

This course reiv commercial lease case studies to help participants understand the concept of operational risk and the safety of clients in real estate agencies.

This course is recommended as an annual refresher for all real estate professionals. All real estate professionals.


Available for in-house training Fee: These courses assist in developing the skills necessary to enhance professionalism, reiv commercial lease service and teamwork. Once registered, students have three months to access and complete this course.

Leading a cohesive and effective team requires the ability to identify and resolve conflict.

This course will demonstrate the six step process to resolving conflicts of any size. You will also learn crucial skills to deal with issues that can lead to conflict, including dealing with anger.

Real Estate Institute of Victoria CPD Course Guide by The Estate Agent - Issuu

Conflict resolution techniques can be applied in many situations. This course provides participants with strategies and skills to effectively plan and manage workplace meetings. Short, actionoriented meetings with the right stakeholders can result in better time management and increased productivity.

This online course will reiv commercial lease a better understanding of the basics of workplace meeting management. At the conclusion of this course you should be able to: Why Reiv commercial lease Methods Fail Course outline: Discover the fundamentals for managing staff performance and learn why traditional methods sometimes fail.

Commercial lease format NSW v VIC | Somersoft

Find out how to get the best out of your staff by understanding their reiv commercial lease motivation, monitoring performance, feedback reiv commercial lease open communication.

Learn how to apply a performance management system to enhance team productivity and build capability within the workplace. Managers and team leaders. This course provides insights into key aspects of recruiting quality new employees.


It provides an overview of best practice guidelines and legislative requirements that must be met during the recruitment process.

Learn how to ask pointed interview questions to ascertain the right person for reiv commercial lease role and your organisation.


Learn simple skills to better manage the demands of a career in real estate. This course provides strategies and tips for creating a work life balance while achieving reiv commercial lease career goals.

Learn how to provide a high quality customer service experience. Reiv commercial lease course assists all individuals in refining their skills and attitudes towards customer service, as well as understanding their role in providing a great customer experience.

Strong customer relationships are integral to a successful real estate business.