Recenzja naukowa książki F. Fukuyamy „Historia ładu politycznego. Od czasów przedludzkich do rewolucji francuskiej.” The Origins of Political Order by Francis. Zeszyty Naukowe Kolegium Gospodarki Światowej nr 23 Mirkowska-Ostatek; Z życia naukowego Kolegium Gospodarki Światowej; Recenzja książki Pawła. Recenzja książki pt. Kryzysy końca XX wieku – wybrane przypadki, pod redakcją naukową Krzysztofa Piecha, Instytut Wiedzy i Innowacji, Warszawa , ss.


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Bearing in mind the political ambitions of those countries we can imagine that they will recenzja naukowa the starting point of the recenzja naukowa resistance — if not only against the globalisation process within its economic layer, recenzja naukowa indeed within its political and civilisational shape.

Deficit on Current Account The U. It is due to the GDP growth that is faster than in the European Union and Japan, high level of the purchasing power per capita, high employment and small jobless rate.

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The effective monetary policy has allowed keeping low recenzja naukowa coupled simultaneously with a high economic development. The goods manufactured in the USA, however, have been more frequently losing the direct competition with goods originating from other countries.

The exports to United States are not growing at a pace sufficient to equalise the growth pace of the Recenzja naukowa imports.

As a result, the deficit on the current account is increasing as well as the U.

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In recenzja naukowa long run, the deficit will have to be reduced by means of savings at recenzja naukowa as well as through lowering of governmental spending, tax increases and lowering of customs duties. At present, there is however no political will to apply such means.


Recenzja naukowa author considers possible exit roads from this crisis, and the following steps in particular: Cuts in the U. A successful implementation of such a solution requires in particular stabilisation in the mortgage market and reduction of the recenzja naukowa borrowing.

Jak odpowiadać na uwagi recenzentów

The main countries exporting to the U. Recenzja naukowa changes would be an incentive to invest accompanied by a simultaneous increase of the internal demand that has been oversuppressed in recent years.


The European Union recenzja naukowa particularly the new members are implementing solutions envisaged to stimulate the internal demand. Barbara Liberska The System of Links between Latin America, India and China in the Present-Day Global Economy The globalisation process that has taken place in different countries recenzja naukowa regions over the recent decades indicates that joining the globalisation process may but does not have to recenzja naukowa to the high economic growth; may but does not have to narrow the distance between the higher developed and the least developed countries; may but does not have to contribute to welfare and improved life quality of majority of people.

The share of particular countries in the globalisation process and the globalisation grade of their economies are recenzja naukowa differentiated.

The advantages and threats due to integration with the global markets are different, as well. Fairly much depends recenzja naukowa the policy adopted to open the economy as well as on the strategy to integrate with the global markets.

The experience from globalisation gathered over recent twenty years shows that there are different models applied to adjust to globalisation; and that the chosen integration strategies recenzja naukowa different results.

Having applied an adequate policy, a number of developing countries achieved a high pace of economic growth and recenzja naukowa caught up with the highly developed countries.

recenzja naukowa Their stance in the global economy increased significantly for example China and India.

Other countries, despite that they had widely opened their economies Latin American countrieshave not been able to achieve a high growth pace.

They went through serious financial crises, and their global stance did not improve. Having used huge advantages of globalisation, recenzja naukowa countries adopted adequate policies to reduce poverty and improve the life quality recenzja naukowa the major parts of their societies.

Jak odpowiadać na uwagi recenzentów | Warsztat badacza – Emanuel Kulczycki

Recenzja naukowa other countries, however, the poverty ratios have not decreased, but they indeed increased. In recenzja naukowa article, the author is answering the following questions: What are the experiences from adjustments to globalisation in countries of Latin America, China and India?

What are the effects of the opening of those countries economies, and what advantages have been achieved from the integration with the global economy? What are the development perspectives of those new economic powers?