It more precisely the preparation of these materials which are obtained by the use of synthesis technique and so-called fitness "by reactive extrusion.". Abstract. Reactive extrusion is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly method to produce new At present, reactive extrusion allows in-situ polymerization. petroleum and renewable resources using reactive extrusion processing. Reactive extrusion represents a unique tool to manufacture biodegradable polymers.


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Regular corn-starch was maleated in a twin-screw extruder using maleic anhydride or maleic acid, glycerol plasticizer and optional radical initiator.


Abstract reactive extrusion by UMI. The unmodified extrudates formed weaker gels as evidenced by their theological properties, and showed faster drug release.

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The license is subject to the Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry terms and conditions: Reactive extrusion of polyamide 6 with integrated multiple melt degassing Industrial production and use of grafted polyolefins.

B, and Strandberg WC. Reactive extrusion metal particles can advantageously be added in said step b3 in their reduced form, oxide, chalcogenide or polyoxometalate.

Of the inorganic additives may be used for example the oxides or precursors of oxides well known to the skilled person: Zeolites or mixtures of zeolites may also enable optimization of material properties.

The various additives may be used alone or in mixture, or introduced together in a sequenced manner. Step c shaping According to the invention, reactive extrusion dough obtained at the end of the last kneading step or additive is performed shaping.

Reactive Extrusion

The reactive extrusion is carried out by passing through a die. This die may be a flat die, capable of producing films, or a ring die, allowing the ring of obtaining whose section corresponds to the shape of reactive extrusion die.


They can thus be, for example, cylindrical hollow or not, multilobal 2, 3, 4 or 5 lobes, for examplegrooved, slotted, twisted.

A die exit shear used to produce extrudates reactive extrusion predetermined reactive extrusion.

Reactive extrusion

It is not excluded that said materials are then obtained, for example, introduced into a device to round their surface, such as a granulator or any other equipment capable spheronization. In a particular arrangement, the porous inorganic product is obtained in the form of powder or agglomerates in the case of extrusion without the use of a die.

The set of steps a to c and b1b2 reactive extrusion when they are reactive extrusion, are carried out reactive extrusion an extruder.

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  • REX or Reactive Extrusion

Said extruder has at least one screw rotatable within a fixed envelope called sheath, at the end of which is positioned a die which imposes its shape on the extrudate. Although the process according to the invention can be implemented in a single-screw extruder is preferred to conduct it in a reactive extrusion extruder co-rotating or contra-rotating, due to reactive extrusion highly flexible nature thereof.

reactive extrusion The whole process is thermostated from the main supply means to the extrusion die. The screws and the sleeves are formed by the assembly of modules in series and the arrangement of the sequence are modified. This will involve conveying members not more or less wide, kneading reactive extrusion, blocks retro-mixture, turbines, etc.

REX or Reactive Extrusion – Polymer Compounding

The longitudinal geometry of the twin-screw extruder makes it possible to link reactive extrusion thereof, unit operations such as power, transport and evaporation of the solvents, the mixture of the reactants, the reaction, devolatilization, pumping and reactive extrusion.

In addition, the introduction of other elements, such as washing solvents for example, can be carried out via side feeding areas positioned downstream of the main feed hopper.

Consequently, the withdrawal zones are present for the evacuation of all excess liquid.

Finally, such a tool can also be operated in an inert atmosphere via scanning a suitable carrier gas N 2, Arthus allowing the use of precursors with decomposition in reactive extrusion presence of water or air.

Similarly, suitable reactive extrusion constituent modules of each of reactive extrusion two rotating screws used allow to apply the kneading conditions as a function of the location of the material in the sheath, and the length of the extrusion before mixing zone.

The operating conditions of extrusion, such that the screw profile, the residence time of the material, the screw rotation speed will be determined by the skilled person depending on the desired final properties.

Reactive extrusion, the modules will be chosen by the skilled person so as to enable performing the steps of the preparation process according to the invention.

Thus, the shaped material obtained at the end of step c may optionally undergo a drying step, which can be achieved by any technique known to the reactive extrusion person.


Abstract Herein, the benefits which extrusion can provide for the automated continuous synthesis of organic compounds are highlighted.