As it began, so shall it end - in magic, mystery, and majesty Magician's End. Thirty years ago, Raymond E. Feist wrote his first novel, Magician, a story about an. From: Raymond Feist Date: 20 February It's the LAST book in the Riftwar Cycle. When I'm done, it's about years before the game era, or about Three decades Five Riftwars One magnificent saga: Magician's End is the final book in New York Times bestselling author Raymond E. Feist's science fiction.


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They learn that the Dread's goal is to collapse time and deny all existence so that Dread can remain in a perfect state of happiness and bliss.


Pug and company finally return to Midkemia after being brainwashed and educated by the gods and they find themselves at E'Bar. Tomas discovers that he needs to allow the consciousness of Ashen-Shugarthe Valheru within him.

Pug's plan to stop the Dread invasion of Midkemia is basically to seal the rift raymond e feist magicians end E'Bar with a ton of magic and rocks. Tomas says one last goodbye to Pug as he finally dies and allows Ashen-Shugar to completely takeover.

Ashen-Shugar engages in a wrestling match with the Dread King at the bottom of the rift pit. Pug then uses the energies gathered by his son Magnus to seal the rift and cause some massive earthquakes so that the Grey Tower mountains around him collapse on top of the rift site at E'Bar.

Magician's End - Wikipedia

Unfortunately for Magnus, Magnus dies due to the magical recoil or backlash of harnessing all the combined energies of the magicians and then having to sever that connection. As with any such philosophizing as the the Reason raymond e feist magicians end all things, it comes across as though this might be Feist's personal view as to the nature of the Universe.

He does borrow heavily from the Greek myths; the construct and hierarchy of those Gods are reflected here, paralleled well, though hardly new.

I have to say my only regret with the entire series is that Tomas is not given more air time.


We finally learn of his purpose and it is a major piece of the necessary steps for Pug to avert disaster; but he leaves Midkemia as much of a tantalizing figure as when he entered it as the soon of a cook in Crydee all those years ago.

The two plots - the first to save a Universe, the second to save a Kingdom entwine nicely in this novel and we find ourselves equally interested in Hal, Martin, Ty, Jim Dasher, and Brendan as they prove themselves born to raymond e feist magicians end.

What is Magicians End ?

The form of the Dread becomes clear, the Dragons have a fleeting moment with the Valheru, the cataclysmic ending not quite so fierce as all those pages ago when Pug had to destroy Kelewan.

It's been a fine series, Mr Feist.

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I hope some more comes, purely out of reading selfishness. You never quite want something you've grown up with to end.

Magician's End by Raymond E Feist

It's not what you're willing to fight for, but what you'll gladly die to preserve: Feist brought us to Pug and Midkemia many years ago and has finally brought us home to an ending; unfortunately I am just not sure that it is an ending worthy of the life of Pug and the Midkemia Universe.

Nevertheless, it felt like it was time to close the page on Pug pun intended ; I just wish it were more. Had raymond e feist magicians end not been the end of the series, that sense of disconnect would likely have irked me more than it did.

Looking back, however, I can appreciate the ways in which Feist did precisely what was necessary to set the stage, define the odds, and set events on their way.

More importantly, unlike Sanderson's attempt to bring the Wheel of Time to a close with a trilogy that felt bloated and overlong, Feist's final trilogy feels as if it's exactly the right size raymond e feist magicians end scope to deliver the goods.

Magician's End is a book in which heroes die, sacrifices are made, and the fate of universes is ultimately determined.

Magician's End (novel)

It's ambitious in scope, especially with this third and final volume, but it never loses touch with the humor, the wit, and the adventure that we've come to love. I do wonder if this is well-and-truly the end of Midkemia, for there are a few threads left deliberately dangling, but it is clearly the end of the core story arc we've raymond e feist magicians end for so long.


But to save Midkemia—and everything he has fought for and all he cherishes—Pug will have to raymond e feist magicians end the ultimate price. Somehow, he manages to adhere to the original prophecy, while also doing something pleasantly unexpected.

As a trilogy, the Chaoswar Saga felt like three very different books, each of them linked together by some entertaining, yet largely inconsequential threads. It didn't really feel like we were building up to the conclusion of a trilogy, but instead scattering chess pieces about so as to enable a final end-game.