House of Quality is a part of a larger process called QFD, which stands for Quality, Function, Deployment. This represents quality-monitoring, a focus on the. MIT Nuclear Systems Design Project, Fall View the complete course: This understanding of the customer needs is then summarized in a product planning matrix or “house of quality”. These matrices are used to translate higher.


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Identify price points and market segments for products under evaluation. Identify warranty, service, reliability, and customer complaint problems to identify areas of improvement.

6 Steps to Build a House of Quality - Master of Project Academy Blog

Based on this, develop a product strategy. Consider the current strengths and qfd house of quality relative to the competition? How do these strengths and weaknesses compare to the customer priorities?

Where does the gap need to be closed and how can this be done — copying the competition or using a new approach or technology? This strategy is important to focus development efforts where they will have the greatest payoff.

Establish product requirements or technical characteristics to respond to customer requirements and organize into related categories.

Customer-Focused Development with QFD

Characteristics should be meaningful, measurable, and global. Characteristics should be stated in a way to avoid implying a particular technical solution so as not to constrain designers.

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Develop relationships between customer requirements and product requirements or technical characteristics. Use symbols for strong, medium and weak relationships.

Be sparing with the strong relationship symbol. Have all customer needs or requirement been addressed? Develop a technical evaluation of prior generation products and competitive products. Get access to competitive products to perform product or technical benchmarking.

House of Quality – iSixSigma

Perform this evaluation based on the defined product requirements or technical characteristics. Obtain other relevant data such as warranty or service repair occurrences and costs and consider this data in the technical evaluation. Develop preliminary target values for product requirements or technical characteristics.

Determine potential positive and negative interactions between product requirements or technical characteristics qfd house of quality symbols for strong or medium, positive or negative relationships. Qfd house of quality a weighting factor to relationship symbols, or Multiply the customer importance rating by the weighting factor in each box of the matrix and add the resulting products in each column.

Customer-Focused Development with QFD

Develop a difficulty rating 1 to 5 point scale, five being very difficult and risky for each product requirement or technical characteristic. Qfd house of quality whether the difficult items can be accomplished within the project budget and schedule.


Analyze the matrix and finalize the product development strategy and product plans. Determine required actions and areas of focus.

What is Quality Function Deployment (QFD)?

Do target values need to be adjusted considering the difficulty rating? Are they realistic with respect to the price points, available technology, and the difficulty rating? Are they reasonable with respect to the importance ratings?