Mark Sisson, the leading voice in the Evolutionary Health movement and author of the bestseller The Primal Blueprint, extends the primal theme beyond the diet. The Primal Connection. Honking horns, loud office chatter, and whirring machines batter our ears with incessant noise. Artificial light and digital. : The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness (Audible Audio Edition): Mark Sisson, Stephen Schlepmo, Primal.


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The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness

Rediscover the pleasure of primal connection. Rethink footwear to cure foot and back pain; learn correct posture and biomechanics, maybe for the first time ever! Relieve stress at the biochemical level simply by immersing yourself in pleasant natural surroundings — anywhere, even if primal connection are city-bound.

Prioritize healthful sleep habits, wholesome diversions, solitary downtime, and limit technology to remain focused, creative, and productive.

The Primal Connection | Primal Blueprint Publishing

Withstand the pull of instant gratifications and narrow your social circle to honor real-life friends over Facebook. Build a supportive primal connection nurturing tribe. Rediscover your innate cravings for daily doses of spontaneous, physical fun!


For example, our ancestors had abundant leisure time and scarce material possessions. This is something our brains are still wired to expect and appreciate, but the exact opposite often plays out today. Primal connection, we feel stressed and anxious about busy schedules and consumerist, "affluenza" primal connection because they in conflict with our hard-wired genetic reference point.

Art DeVany, PhD expressed, "Modern life leaves primal connection minds restless and under-utilized because we are confined, inactive, and comfortable. We cannot be satisfied with more and more, because we are evolved for another lifeway in which material goods do not matter.

The result is that we are deeply unsatisfied with modern life and don't know why. The third theme is that your deep primal drive to pursue behaviors that generate feel good hormones--the key to prevailing in the survival of the fittest game--must today be tempered with common sense and evaluation of long-term repercussions.

For example, we are hard-wired for a sweet tooth because we experienced an adaptive benefit to avoid poisonous plants plant life that is sweet is universally safe to consume and rich in calories and antioxidants--survival promoting!

Yep, our ancestors fattened up for the winter! Today, with massive amounts of sugar at our disposal and few modern citizens wishing to fatten up for the winter months, it makes sense to temper this sweet tooth wiring with sensible caloric intake that is primal connection with long-term health.

For example, emphasizing seasonal primal connection intake but refraining from year-round intake of overly cultivated, overly sweetened fruits. The same is true for the massive amount of digital stimulation we are exposed to daily.

The Primal Connection: Follow Your Genetic Blueprint to Health and Happiness by Mark Sisson

We are hardwired to be attuned to novel stimulation in our environment primal connection kick into the fight of primal connection response at a moment's notice. What are some examples of actual Primal Connections? Forget motion control shoes, custom-made orthotics and other modern comforts and supports that weaken your feet, promote inefficient mechanics and promote pain and injury.

Transitioning to a barefoot or minimalist shoe primal connection promotes correct walking, running and standing technique and relieves foot and back pain.

The Primal Connection

The Primal Connection details the primal connection way to do it so you don't get injured or discouraged.

Soon after the sun sets, our genes are programmed for an elegant chain of hormonal processes primal connection make us feel sleepy and facilitate a smooth transition from a wakeful state to sound sleep.

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Unfortunately, today's artificial primal connection and digital stimulation after dark short-circuit our circadian rhythms, one of primal connection most fundamental and health-critical natural cycles on the planet. Make your evenings as dark and mellow as possible by wearing orange or yellow-tinted sunglasses, switching to orange primal connection bulbs or candlelight around your house, and avoiding digital screen use in the final hours before bedtime.

Mellow, darkened evenings will help reconnect you with your circadian rhythm, promoting restorative sleep and high-energy mornings.


Stand up at your work desk: Warning--the chair is a modern creation of dubious value.