PowerLogicTM Series © Schneider Electric. All Rights Reserved. PowerLogicTM Series Power Meter Pm userguide. Data logger software for Schneider Electric PM MODBUS registers map. Hello all. I'm having issues communicating with Schneider PM meters. Protocol is Modbus RTU, unit address is '', baud is , parity is.


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Thanks to Majenko Technologies and S.

Technical FAQs

pm800 schneider Communication and control was found to be extremely robust with a lot of scope for further optimisation and extension of the Modbus libraries for Arduino. Any thoughts, queries or recommendations?

Please comment below and we will do our best to reply.


The first one is pm800 schneider simple blinking LED which is pm800 schneider on the board. The second one involves connecting an LED onto the breadboard with a current limiting resistor. Make sure to comment, rate and subscribe to my channel; stay tuned for more tutorials.

Schneider PM issues

Search Terms and Keywords: For more information please visit: The 24 AWG tinned copper conductors are twisted pairs to reduce electrical noise sensitivity.

These multi-conductor pm800 schneider are available in one, two, or three twisted pair conductor color coded constructions.

The polyethylene conductor insulation provides a very high insulation resistance with a low, stable dielectric constant resulting in lower capacitance and excellent velocity of propagation for superior signal transmission. To protect from radiated or conducted electromagnetic interference EMIour industrial data cables have combination shields consisting of an overall foil shield layer with drain wire and a woven braid shield layer.

A drain wire is provided to easily terminate and ground the foil shield. A second shield layer consists of a woven braid that is ideal for minimizing low frequency interference while providing superior structural integrity to the overall cable. pm800 schneider

PM800 Series V12.500 Firmware

Flexible monitoring, alarming and control features help operations personnel respond quickly to potential problems, as well as implement manual or automated control schemes to manage loads, generators or other equipment. In the United States, Schneider Electric is best known by its flagship Square D brand, with Telemecanique becoming increasingly known in the industrial control and automation markets and supported by many Square D distributors.

Also pm800 schneider reversing the polarity of the wires. You are configuring 2 Modbus queries - 1 for1 for Have you configured any delay in the IB to listen after TX? For testing configure only 1 command.

Register contains a floating point value so you will have pm800 schneider request 2 registers starting from Of course if the IB sends request for 2 registers by itself, then this point is pm800 schneider.

By Jamie on 18 October, - 8: Correct on the display adapter.


I have selected as the IB is native. I have jumpered the 4-wire connector as I'm using 2-wire connection pm800 schneider the Bridge.


I don't know how to program a delay but can look into how to do it. I have tried one command and pm800 schneider, no response to either. Understood that a floating point register is double.