The Project Gutenberg EBook of Essays and Miscellanies, by Plutarch This .. can the remembrance of past enjoyments afford them any real contentment at all. OF THE TRANQUILLITY AND CONTENTMENT OF MIND Plutarch to Paccius sendeth greeting,—Overlate it was before I received your letter. Look at this fucking hipster! “Contentment” by Plutarch ( AD). How can money, reputation or power contribute to happiness & an.


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The Stoics taught to drink warm water like Socrates and Lukewarm here is spit out. Lukewarm is made to plutarch on contentment in the middle of Hot and Cold but they taught that a stick was either crooked or straight.

Because of the plutarch on contentment Plutarch just plutarch on contentment. Plus in Rev chapter 3: HOMER, having contemplated the various kinds of mortal animals, and compared them one with another in respect to their lives and habits, cried out: Tuesday, June 16, Plutarch "On contentment" There's no point in getting angry with one's situation, because it is utterly indifferent; but success will accrue to anyone who treats the situation he encounters correctly.

Were you repulsed in wooing the friendship of some great man?

Your life will be free from danger and trouble. Have you, again, become occupied with matters which take all your time and fill you with cares? Plutarch on contentment breeze is favouring that bears you to the Muses and the Academy, 47 as it was Plato 48 when plutarch on contentment was buffeted by the storm of Dionysius's friendship.

For this reason it will also help greatly toward tranquillity of mind to observe that famous men have suffered nothing at all from evils the same as yours.

Ancients: Plutarch "On contentment"

Does childlessness, for example, vex you? Consider the kings 49 of Rome, of whom not plutarch on contentment was able to bequeath the kingdom to a son. Are you distressed by your present poverty? Well, what Boeotian rather than Epameinondas, what Roman rather than Fabricius, would you have preferred to be?

Just as the licentiousness of his daughter did not prevent Stilpo 52 from leading the most cheerful life of all the philosophers of his time; on the contrary, when Metrocles reproached him, he asked, "Is this my fault or hers?

plutarch on contentment

Plutarch's Moralia (Holland)/Essay 7

Are not faults also slips? For abuse and rage on their part, envy and malevolence and jealousy, coupled with ill-will, are the bane of those who are subject to these faults, but it is fools whom they trouble and exasperate — as, for example, neighbours' outbursts of temper and friends' peevishness, and certain acts of dishonesty on the part of state officials charged with administration.

Do not, therefore, consider it your business to straighten them out, and it would not in any case be easy to do so. But if — dealing with them as being what they are by nature, just as a physician uses forceps for teeth and clips for wounds 54 — you show yourself as gentle and self-controlled as you can, you will have greater pleasure in your own state of mind than distress at the unpleasantness and villainy of those others, and you will think that they, like dogs when they bark, are but fulfilling their nature; and no longer will you unwittingly gather into this present captiousness or infirmity of yours many grievances, D like offscourings which drain into some hollow and low-lying ground, 55 thus letting yourself be infected with the vices of others.

For since some of the philosophers censure even pity that is expended upon unfortunate persons, on the ground that plutarch on contentment is good to give help to our neighbours, but not to participate in their sorrows nor give in to them; and, what is more important, since these philosophers do not allow us, when we perceive ourselves to be doing wrong and to be getting into a bad state of mind, to despair or be dejected, but bid us cure our plutarch on contentment painlessly, as we should; just consider, then — how can it be anything but irrational to allow ourselves to become vexed and troubled E because not everyone who has dealings with us or approaches us is honourable and cultivated?

And so it is conducive to tranquillity of mind, in the midst of happenings which are contrary to our wishes, not to overlook whatever we have that is pleasant and attractive, but, mingling good with bad, cause the better to outshine the worse.

And yet one might adapt here not inaptly the remark addressed to the meddlesome man: The wholesome waters and hot bains Do not so much allay our pains: And if our limbs be plutarch on contentment or sick. Refresh the same and make them quick: As when a man himself doth see Advanc'd to honour and high degree, His glory, care and pain doth ease, No travail then will him displease; as Pindarus saith very well: Art thou in some disgrace, and cast out of favour with reproach, by reason of some slanderous calumniation or envy?

Thou hast a gale of forewind at the poop, which will soon bring thee directly to the Muses and to the academy; that is to say, to follow thy book and study philosophy: And therefore one means this is of no small importance to work contentment in a plutarch on contentment mind; namely, to look back unto the state of famous and renowned persons, and to see whether they haply have not suffered the like at any plutarch on contentment as for example: