Find here details of automatic pirn winding machine manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, traders & exporters from India. Buy automatic pirn winding machine. Cop winding machine is usually used for jute winding process in textile sector. It has four heads, by which winding machine can be wound 4 cops at a time. Also. The machines that are used to wind quill are called “quillers” or pirn winding machines. These machines are automatic, which means that when.


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This invention relates to automatic pirn-winding mechanism of the "spindleless" type in which a pirn tube is pressed against a driving member, e.

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The invention is particularly concerned with mechanism for effecting automatic donning and doffing of independent pirn-winding spindles, such mechanism either being incorporated in or built on to the gear-box unit by which the spindle and its traverse mechanism are driven and operated or capable of being applied as an attachment to such unit for converting a nonautomatic spindle into an automatic one.

When the mechanism is provided as an attachment, it may be applied to the "spindle" type of machine by removal of the usual protruding length of the spindle, and the addition of pirn winding machine slight modi- 2 fication to the shortened end of the spindle, and by the provision of release means to permit the traverse mechanism to be returned to the base of the pirn, as is set out in greater detail below.

The mechanism according to the invention 2 comprises a cam-shaft, a clutch for setting the cam-shaft in motion on completion of winding, a magazine, means for transferring a pirn-tube from the magazine to winding position, a threadtrapping and cutting device disposed near the 3 tube-driving member, a plurality of cams on the cam-shaft, and simple lever connections from the cams to enable the rotation of the shaft to effect the withdrawal of the tube-pressing means, a movement of the traversing device towards the 3 tube-driving means, operation of the threadtrapping and cutting device, transfer of a tube from the magazine to the winding position, release of the thread-trapping means, pirn winding machine of the starting and stopping handle to starting position, and release of the clutch.

The lever connection for returning the traversing device may be used to connect with a lever that serves to position the thread for engagement between the tube-driving member and the end of the tube transferred from the magazine and for engagement by the thread-trapping and cutting device.

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A preferred form of threadtrapping and cutting device comprises an arm having a cutting edge, and a pair of pirn winding machine between which the arm passes, one member cooperating with one side of the arm to trap the thread, and the other having a cutting edge co-operating with the edge on the arm to cut the thread after it has been trapped.

Pirn winding machine profile cams, which may be castings requiring pirn winding machine more than boring to enable them to be secured to the cam-shaft, can be used to operate the various levers, which themselves are. The automatic doffing and donning mechanism can be built as a unit independent of the spindlecriving and traverse-operating mechanism and may, therefore, be readily applied to existing deli signs of pirn-winding machines with little structural modification and without alteration of the basic method of operation of the machine.

Although each mechanism operates independently, it is convenient to drive a plurality of the mechanism by common means, which enables the invention to be readily applied to the usual type of pirn-winding machine having several spindle units on a common frame, for example, several gear boxes each carrying a pair of spindles pro0O truding from one side or pairs of spindles protruding from opposite sides.

The invention will now be described in greater detail with reference to the accompanying pirn winding machine, in which 5 Fig. I is the gear box of a Universal No.

The box contains two clutches for each winding mechanism, one for driving the spindle pirn winding machine, and the other for actuating the traverse mechanism.

The mechanism according to the invention makes the ordinary use of these clutches by operating control gear external of the box and it is, therefore, not necessary for the internal mechanism of pirn winding machine box to be shown.

It is, however, necessary to describe briefly the main elements of the pirnwinding mechanism to which the invention is applied.

Normally the spindle 2 extends as shown in dotted lines 3 in Fig. For the purpose of the invention, the spindle is curtailed as shown in Fig. Parallel to the spindle line extending from the point 6 to the cup 4 and lying to the left of it is a traverse bar 9 pirn winding machine within the box 3 I to have a traversing motion equal to pirn winding machine length of the nose of the pirn.


Pirn winding machine the side of the bar 9 facing the pirn position, the bar is halfthreaded as shown at 10 Fig. A feeler disc 12 is carried on the bar 9, the boss 13 of the disc being threaded to correspond with the threads 10, the bore 14, however, being enlarged, so that the collar can be pressed to one pirn winding machine to free itself from the threads.

During the traversing of the bar 9, the thread is built up on the nose of the pirn and from time to time the disc 12 touches the yarn pirn winding machine a driving contact is established that rotates the disc on the rod 9 and the disc is screwed slightly along the rod.

'Pirn' winding machine - Picture of Queen Street Mill Textile Museum, Burnley - TripAdvisor

In this way the thread guide 15 connected to the disc 12 is gradually carried towards the tip of the pirn tube. When the pirn has reached a predetermined length, the normal trip mechanism provided with the box 1 operates to release a starting and stopping lever 16 by means of whicn two clutches within the pirn winding machine are disengaged to stop the rotation of the spindle 2 and the operation of the traverse rod 9.

These normal winding and traversing functions are carried out in pirn winding machine apparatus as modifled by the invention, i. Instead, however, of the pirn tube having to be replaced manually by an empty tube and the machine restarted by hand the whole of these operations are effected mechanically.

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