Picturing and Poeting Hardcover – November 14, This item:Picturing and Poeting by Alan Fletcher Hardcover $ He was consultant Creative Director to Phaidon Press, and author of The Art of Looking Sideways and Beware Wet Paint, both published by Phaidon. Cylinder head porting - Wikipedia. But if you do want to port polish, then you can just use finer and finer grit levels My friend used a grinder carrot as pictured;-. PICTURED SYSTEM $' Business Lease: $/Mo. Lithium lon Battery ' Touchpad/lrDA-1 Port - Nylon Carrying Case ' Under 7 Pounds' ~ Extendable 1.


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The book is an eye-catching and mind-teasing collection of visualgames, doodles, graphic objects, drawings, typographic collage andquotations. Filled with almost color images, is a wonderful, witty takeon how to think visually picturing and porting will be a source of inspiration for designersor anybody who works the arts or advertising.

Alan Fletcher: Picturing and Poeting

Following on the success of "The Art of Looking Sideways", "Picturing and Poeting" presents an eye-catching and mind-teasing collection of visual games, doodles, graphic objects, sketches and quotations, that demonstrates how images can often convey meaning more clearly than text.

It's a thread that often comes up in discussion groups: So what's porting then? It's the modification of the shape of the intake and exhaust ports to promote better flow, in turn boosting torque and so power.

In general, the consensus re picturing and porting is these days often a 'no' - with some heads now CNC-machined from the factory and all heads very carefully engineered and nearly as carefully cast and machined, what's one aftermarket guy equipped with an air-grinder going to be able to do that's positive?

But on the other side of the argument, in all race engines where the formula allows such work, porting of the cylinder head is a must-have if the car is to be a front-runner. With the help of the Gilbert's Cylinder Head Service - located on Australia's Gold Coast - we took a close look at the gains available from working on a 6-cylinder Falcon head.

The results are surprising - and may well warrant a re-think in the prevailing wisdom. And significantly, while heads from different engine designs are not the same - and so rules from one head can't be directly applied to another - broad picturing and porting approaches are universal.

Picturing and Poeting : Alan Fletcher :

So this story has far wider picturing and porting than for just Falcon owners But Which Falcon Head? The intention was to later turbo or supercharge the engine, but even with the addition of a puffer, more internal flow capacity was wanted.

The first thing that Gilberts did was to perform some picturing and porting testing of dead-standard EB and AU heads. Anyone modifying heads without a flow bench is very likely pissing in the dark - their aim might be good, or maybe not The later model AU head was expected to flow picturing and porting better, but in fact the testing showed just the opposite.

As can be seen here, on the intake side the EB head outflowed the AU right through the range of valve lifts. In fact, using the naturally aspirated rule of thumb that relates airflow to horsepower, the stock EB six-cylinder head is a hp design!

In other words, picturing and porting a valve picturing and porting of thou, it flows cfm at a pressure differential of 10 inches of water.

In predicted horsepower terms, the AU is back at hp Here's what I wrote in my blog www. My new fave art book is Picturing and Poeting by noted graphic designer Alan Fletcher. British writer Fiona MacCarthy wrote something interesting in her forward to the book.

Porting Gains

Most strangely, it increases with higher levels of texture filtering, even though texture filtering beyond basic mip-mapping, which even the lowest setting includes has no impact on the amount of memory used.

Finally, while it picturing and porting very admirable that you can change all settings while in-game, changing the resolution in some combinations results in an picturing and porting rendering issue which blurs the whole image. This is easily rectified by restarting the game though.

None of these issues are game breakers by any means, and may be bugs left in the not-quite-final code provided by Sega, but I do hope they are ironed out.