Moderna geneticamente codificado-indicadores de pH (GEpHIs) fornecem óptica quantificação de pH em células intactas na escala celular e subcellular. As equações baseadas em peso e altura necessitam ser testadas avaliação da cor e do pH da secreção são indicadores confiáveis na. View Notes - 11 pH E from QUIMICA at Universidad Distrital Francisco Jose de Caldas. FUNDAMENTOS DE.


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To test the normality of distribution of variables the Shapiro-Wilk test was used.

Quantitative variables were expressed using medians and the 25th and 75th percentiles, and qualitative variables were presented as frequency and percentage. To ph e indicadores the association between anthropometric variables and cardiovascular risk factors the chi-square test was used.

For the analysis of the correlation between anthropometric indicators, metabolic indicators and blood pressure, the Pearson correlation coefficient with inclusion of sample weights was used.


The calculation of the Spearman correlation ph e indicadores correction for the design of the study produces lower estimates of correlations and underestimates sampling errors. To obtain the p-value of the correlations, linear regression was used considering the complex delineation of sampling.

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In all tests the significance level was set at 0. Cad Saude Publica ; 23 The probability of selection for each student was calculated for the two stages. In the first stage the ratio between the number of subjects drawn and the number of subjects offered in ph e indicadores university was used.

In the second stage the number of students interviewed was divided by the number ph e indicadores students in each discipline. The probabilities obtained at each stage were multiplied among themselves and finally, by the number of subjects that the student was studying.

As the losses of performing the exams in the laboratory were high, there was no response by weighting through the inverse of the selection probability of each individual. All participants signed and received a copy of ph e indicadores Free and Clarified Consent Term.

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Table 1 presents the descriptive measures of the metabolic variables, blood pressure and anthropometric indicators. Alteration in the lipid profile showed high results in both genders.


Triglycerides were significantly higher in men The decrease in HDL-C was significantly higher in women For men ph e indicadores was observed only with higher values of WC. The prevalence of hypertension was significantly higher in men Positively, ph e indicadores frequency of smoking was low for both sexes, but men smoked more 7.

Excessive alcohol consumption was higher in men Sedentary lifestyle was quite high in both genders, being higher in women Ph e indicadores showing highest prevalence in women ph e indicadores significant relationship with any anthropometric variable for this gender was observed.

The prevalence of MS was high, especially in men There was an association between this variable and higher values of all anthropometric indicators in both men and women.


The prevalence of insulin resistance did not differ between genders. The ph e indicadores obtained in the analysis of correlation between metabolic parameters and blood pressure ph e indicadores anthropometric indicators showed a weak correlation between them, although it was significant in many cases.

Discussion The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors found in this population of students was high, especially for being a young audience, with a median age of 22 years.

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Anthropometric indicators of obesity used in this study were, in general, associated with cardiovascular risk factors, indicating its potential performance in tracking this risk, even in younger individuals. Arq Bras Cardiol ; 98 2: The main dyslipidemia associated with cardiovascular risk are increased serum triglycerides and ph e indicadores HDL-C.

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We found a high rate of low HDL-C in both genders, which is probably due to high frequency of overweight, physical inactivity and alcohol consumption. For triglycerides, significant associations with higher values of all anthropometric variables ph e indicadores both genders were observed.