that good. Here are the best PDF readers for iPhone and iPad. Get some more excellent PDF reader apps on other platforms! Turn almost. The best and most powerful app to read, manage and annotate PDF files on the iPad & iPhone. Our favorite PDF reader apps for Android and iOS will help you read those important documents on the go.


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The pdf software offers a better pdf reader pro iphone experience if you are an avid reader. The app supports password protected pdf, and a scanning mode allows you to scan and create pdf files on the go.

Annotating tools of the app deserve special mention as you have the option of choosing from fonts and colors.


PDF Reader — Document Expert is an ideal pdf reader and editor with capabilities of managing and transferring files. If you are fond of reading novels, then you must download this PDF reader app in iPhone.

The best app for managing, editing, and reading PDFs on your iPad

Features of Google Play Books Built-in dictionary and maps can be pretty handy at times. The cross-device syncing facility provided by the pdf reader is excellent. Notes are synced with Google Drive so that you can access them anytime from any device.

Nightlight settings automatically adjust background color and brightness for the ebook reader. Google Play Books pdf reader is a trusted reader with basic functionalities of a reader.

The latest update of the pdf pdf reader pro iphone has added the support for audiobooks which makes it further useful application. You can pdf reader pro iphone, edit and annotate PDFs. It did strike me as a simple way for my son to keep me abreast of what he is spending on my iTunes account.

Adobe Document Cloud

Plus I truly like the feature of scanning business cards to your contacts. This saves me lots of times and money because I know of one app that this feature is a ridiculously unnecessary upgrade to their premium services. But so far, I feel and think I have received an pdf reader pro iphone to a new app!!

Thank you Adobe for having everything in pdf reader pro iphone app!! The pricing structure is a little convoluted, but this is one of the most functional PDF reader apps available.

8 Best PDF Reader Apps For iPhone To View And Edit PDFs | 2018 Edition

This is great for digitizing documents for email or just in general. Additionally, it has faxing, sharing, collaboration features, advanced editing, password protection support, syncing, pdf reader pro iphone much more. The free version comes with basic features. The subscription unlocks everything.

This is perfect for business people who need to save receipts or documents that need to be sent elsewhere to fill it out.

8 Best PDF Reader Apps For iPhone To View And Edit PDFs | Edition

All of its features work well for reading books, magazines, comics, manga, guidebooks, and other such things in PDF format. There are options for text appearance, page turning animations, and more.

The free version has a few limitations with library size and online translations. This one is not it, not even in the ball park. BTW, although it would hurt me, I would gladly pay say Imagine how much a pro would pdf reader pro iphone willing to pay? If you are a hardcore PDF user like me I recommend this app.