Paweł Łukaszewski, born on 19th September in Częstochowa, is a composer, educator and organizer of cultural life. The Polish composer Pawel Lukaszewski has devised a contemporary development of Eastern European holy minimalism, winning wide appreciation for his. Biography: Łukaszewski's sacred music has featured on over 50 recordings. He is Artistic Director and Conductor of Musica Sacra Cathedral Choir in Warsaw.


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In addition to performances at more than festivals in Pawel lukaszewski alone, Lukaszewski has found a large audience for his music in Britain. Some pawel lukaszewski his earlier music involved tapes and computer sound synthesis, but beginning with such works as the Two Lenten Motets for choir a cappella he increasingly focused on sacred choral music.

This "extended" tonal sound world is enriched by highly selective use of vocal effects such as glissandi, parlando speakingand susurrando whisperingall of which occur pawel lukaszewski in direct response to clear textual stimuli. The Via Crucis for tenor, baritone, mixed choir, and orchestra attracted a performance by the British choir Polyphony under Stephen Layton pawel lukaszewski, and numerous short choral pieces have had performances worldwide.

Paweł Łukaszewski

At the same time, he completed post-graduate courses in choral conducting with Ryszard Zimak at the Music Academy in Bydgoszcz. In and again pawel lukaszewski he was invited as a visiting professor to universities in Chile and Argentina, and in has held a series of lectures in France, Germany, Spain, and Norway.

Pawel lukaszewski in he was honored with the Primate of Poland Award. In addition to his activities as composer, Mr.

During the past few years, Mr. He thus passed on the baton to a generation of composers free pawel lukaszewski explore both their own musical heritage and international trends in ways that had been unthinkable for more than half pawel lukaszewski century.


For those active in the secularly oriented musical life of Britain, perhaps one of the most striking aspects of contemporary Polish culture is the extraordinary vitality and centrality of sacred choral music. The origins of this phenomenon lie in the dual role of the Catholic Church during pawel lukaszewski years of Communism as a focus of intellectual opposition to the Party and a forum for pawel lukaszewski if often secret artistic debate.

Since the establishment of democracy inthe renaissance of Polish sacred choral music has continued to flourish, most prominently through interaction with musical developments in the Baltic States themselves also former Eastern pawel lukaszewski countries. Of the younger generation of Polish composers specializing in sacred choral music, Pawel Lukaszewski b unquestionably stands out, not only for his ability to encapsulate the expressive pawel lukaszewski of a text with unrivalled immediacy and economy of technical means but also for his facility for idiomatic vocal writing.

Paweł Łukaszewski |

Equally individual are pawel lukaszewski meticulous attention to proportional concerns particularly the placing of climaxes and metrical patterns, and his derivation of musical structures from the formal pawel lukaszewski narrative parameters of his texts.

Of the fifteen pieces, the earliest—an Ave Maria for double choir which has a companion Ave maris stella devised for separate performance —is the most obviously grounded in pawel lukaszewski harmonic progression it even concludes with an altered perfect cadence. Notably, however, conventional modulation is entirely rejected and an extraordinary build-up of devotional intensity is achieved with near-exclusive reference to the notes of the G major diatonic scale.