Book Name: The Art And Craft Of Problem Solving; Author: Paul Zeitz; Publisher: John Wiley And Sons Ltd; Binding: Paperback; Language: English; ISBN. Paul Zeitz is the author of The Art and Craft of Problem Solving, a great resource for mathematical olympiads. He also visits many mathematics camps such as. The newly revised Second Edtion of this distinctive text uniquely blends interesting problems with strategies, tools, and techniques to develop.


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The Art and Craft of Problem Solving

Furthermore, entertaining math problems sharpen the mind, stimulating you to think more lucidly, logically, and creatively and allowing you to tackle intellectual challenges you might never paul zeitz problem solving imagined. And for those in high school or college, this course serves as an enriching mathematical experience, equal to anything available in the top schools.

Professor Zeitz is a masterful coach of math teams at every level of competition, from beginners through international champions, and he knows how to inspire, encourage, and instruct.

Instead, Professor Zeitz has designed a series of lessons that take you through increasingly more challenging problems, paul zeitz problem solving a variety of strategies, tactics, and tools that you can use to overcome difficult math obstacles.

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His goal is to give you the persistence and creativity to turn over a problem in your mind for however long it takes to reach a solution.

The first step is to come up with a strategy—an overall plan of attack. Among the many strategies that Professor Zeitz discusses are these: Get your hands dirty: Plug in numbers and see what happens. This is a superb starting strategy because it almost always shows paul zeitz problem solving way to keep on investigating.


Think outside the box: Break paul zeitz problem solving bounds of conventional thinking. Professor Zeitz shows you the original think-outside-the-box problem, in which the key idea is to disregard the boundaries of an implied box. Turn a hard problem into an easy one by removing the hard part.

For example, substitute small numbers for big ones. This is a confidence-builder that often gives you a partial solution that shows you how to solve the original problem.

Change your point of view: Every problem has a natural point of view, such as paul zeitz problem solving time or place where something is happening.

Step back and try a different point of view. This could mean recasting an algebra problem as one in geometry, or vice versa. The next step after choosing a strategy is to find a suitable tactic.

The Art And Craft Of Problem Solving By Paul Zeitz | Souq - UAE

Many problems now have a projective, inversive background, so you may consider studying these topics separately. Number Theory again, although not much theory is required, but then even, even basic concepts like Quadratic Reciprocity are not covered which are now prerequisites for pretty much every olympiad happening out there.

Inequalities again are barely covered in the book, and if ever asked again in IMO, should be much more harder than the ones given in paul zeitz problem solving book I think. Combinatorics paul zeitz problem solving again is barely covered.