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    Kim Malthe-Bruun (8 July – 6 April ) was a Canadian-born seaman and a member of the Danish resistance executed by the German occupying power. Kim Malthe-Bruun (født 8. juli i Edmonton, Canada, død 6.

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    april i Ryvangen) var en Familien Malthe-Bruun bestod af flere søofficerer og diplomater. Kim Malthe-Bruun was an eighteen-year-old young man when he began to keep a diary in the spring of Many of his entries were written in the form of.
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    Kim MaltheBruun

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    Kim malthe bruun brevete
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    After the war his mother, Vibeke Malthe-Bruun arranged for Kim () to be published. The book included sections of his diary and a collection of his letters to.

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    On this day inKim Malthe-Bruun was executed by firing squad in the Vestre Fængsel Prison in Copenhagen. His crime was being a.

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    The next day he was placed in solitary confinement and forbidden to write letters. A Schraders Son.

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    » Kim MaltheBruun, Yours, but not forever

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