The aim of this module is to introduce the control of distillation columns. We will start by analysing the degrees of freedom to establish how many and which. Distillation Column P&id - posted in Student: Hey guys, As part of my final year project, I have to prepare a P&ID for a distillation column that I. The common symbol used in Piping and Instrument (P&ID) are shown in table . Figure Detail P&ID for Distillation Column (T). Table


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The feed flows down the column where it is collected at the bottom in the reboiler. Heat is supplied to the reboiler to generate vapour.

Distillation Column P&id

The source of heat input can be any suitable fluid, although in most chemical plants this is normally steam. In refineries, the heating source may be the output streams of other columns. The vapour raised in the reboiler is re-introduced into the unit at p&id of distillation column bottom of the column.


The liquid removed from the reboiler is known as the bottoms product or simply, bottoms. The vapour moves up p&id of distillation column column, and as it exits the top of the unit, it is cooled by a condenser.

The condensed liquid is stored in a holding vessel known as the reflux drum. This work involved hundreds of block flow diagrams, some more complex than others.

Based on information derived from these block flow diagrams, a decision was made to proceed with this process.

Types of Distillation Columns

As problems arise and are solved, the team may revise and redraw the PFDs. Often the work requires several rounds of drawing, checking, and revising. Specialists in distillation, process control, kinetics, and heat transfer are p&id of distillation column in to help the process team in key areas.

Some are company employees and others are consultants. They do much of the detailed engineering pipe sizes, valve specifications, etc.

Module Control of Distillation Columns

The job may take two to six months. If there are disagreements, the engineers and specialists from the companies must resolve them. ABC can now go p&id of distillation column with the construction. They may extend their contract with DEFCo to include this phase, or they may go out for construction bids from a number of sources.

This narrative describes a typical sequence of events taking a project from its initial stages through plant construction.

Once satisfactory performance specifications have been met, ABC would take over the operation of the plant and commercial production would begin. From conception of the process to p&id of distillation column time the plant starts up, two or more years will have elapsed and millions of dollars will have been spent with no revenue from the plant.

The plant must operate successfully for many years to produce sufficient income to pay for p&id of distillation column plant operations and to repay the costs associated with designing and building the plant.

Diagrams for Understanding Chemical Processes | Block Flow Diagram (BFD) | InformIT

During this operating period, many unforeseen changes are likely to take place. The quality p&id of distillation column the raw materials used by the plant may change, product specifications may be raised, production rates may need to be increased, the equipment performance will decrease because of wear, the development of new and better catalysts will occur, the costs of utilities will change, new environmental regulations may be introduced, or improved equipment may appear on the market.

Flooded P&id of distillation column - 1 Figure 4 shows the classic flooded condenser approach. Figure 4 - Flooded Condenser - 1 Again in this setup, as with the first example, there is no valve on the cooling water. Instead the valve is in the liquid line between the condenser and reflux drum.