While novels can often seem more realistic than non-fiction, travelogues from This fascinating non-fiction book tells the stories of nine Indians. With all that's happening in this country, it's good to be able to sit back and have a laugh once in a while. Check out these funny novels by. Most wished for. The God of Small Things: Booker Prize Arundhati Roy. The Rule Breakers. Preeti Shenoy. Midnight's Children. Salman Rushdie. Satyayoddha Kalki: Eye of Brahma. Kevin Missal. Train to Pakistan. Khushwant Singh. Everyone Has a Story 2. Savi Sharma. You are the Best Wife: A True Love Story. The Palace of.


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Narayan — The Guide R. K Narayan is best known for stories based in and novels indian authors the fictional village of Malgudi. The Guide is yet another story set up in Malgudi.

75 Best Indian Authors in English: The Must-Read List (2018 Update)

Narayan won the Sahitya Akademi Award for the book in The Guide is the story of a tour guide who transforms himself into a spiritual Guru and then the greatest holy novels indian authors of India. The book was also adapted as a film which starred the legendary actor Dev Anand.


Rohinton Mistry — A Fine Balance This is the second novel by Mistry published in and, like his first novel, Such A Long Journey, this novel too received wide acclaim across the globe.

A fine balance revolves around various characters in Mumbai then Bombay during the time of turmoil and government emergencies. The story of friendship and love that progresses among the characters of the book will keep you hooked till the end.

The book travels to various parts novels indian authors the country including Kashmir, Agra and Mumbai and incorporates novels indian authors actual historic events.

The book was also included in the List of Best Novels of all time. The stories are based on lives of Indians and Indian Americans who are lost between the two cultures. Vikram Seth — A Suitable Boy Published inthis pages-long-book is one of the longest novels ever published in a single volume in the English Language.

The story focuses on India post-partition as a family looks for a suitable boy to novels indian authors their daughter. The story narrated in third person is set in Kerala, and takes place in The story is set in Burma and focuses on various issues during the British invasion in The novel beautifully portrays the circumstances and incidents that made Novels indian authors, India and Malaya what they are today.


This story of the empire, love and the changing society is novels indian authors worth reading. Kiran Desai — The Inheritance of Novels indian authors The book, written over a period of seven years after her first book, portrays different conflicts between various Indian groups, in the past and at present.

It shows how people find the English lifestyle fascinating and also captures the perception of various opportunities in the US.

Popular Indian Authors Books

Novels indian authors was she the reason for its destruction Surpanakha, meaning the woman as hard as nails was born as Meenakshi—the one with beautiful, novels indian authors eyes.

Growing up in the shadows of her brothers, who were destined to win wars, fame and prestige, she, instead, charts up a path filled with misery and revenge.

Accused of manipulating events between Ram and Ravan, which culminated in a bloody war and annihilation of her family, Surpanakha is often the most misunderstood character in the Ramayana. As Sita prepares to go into exile, her younger sisters stay back at the doomed palace of Ayodhya, their smiles, hope and joy wiped away in a single stroke.

And through the tears and the tragedy one woman of immense strength and conviction stands apart—Urmila, whose husband, Lakshman, novels indian authors chosen to accompany his novels indian authors Ram to the forest rather than stay with his bride.

She could have insisted on joining Lakshman, as did Sita with Ram.

Popular Indian Authors Books

But she did not. Why did she agree to be left behind in the palace, waiting for her husband for fourteen painfully long years?


Novels indian authors most detailed retelling of the story of the legendary Urmila, little known in mythology. Books by Sudha Murthy Society: A story of how money corrupts the way people look at one another and how it can novels indian authors tear a family apart Vinuta marries Girish, a bank clerk, and starts living with his family in Bangalore.

She adjusts to her new family well, looking after her husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law Gouramma, not taking to heart her mother-in-law's constant picking.