Dear Listener, You met Alec Carrick in Night Fire. He returns full force — and believe me, this man's got force - in Night Storm, the third novel of the Night Trilogy. The Paperback of the Night Storm (Night Trilogy #3) by Catherine Coulter at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more! Night Storm (Night Fire Trilogy) [Catherine Coulter] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Dear Reader, You met Alec Carrick in Night Fire.


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I haven't rewritten it, just cleaned it up and wrapped it in a very nice new cover.

He is the quintessential Regency bachelor who plans to marry and impregnate his wife just before he croaks, and thus his heir will be raised without the vagaries of his sire.

Yes, Knight is a very happy camper, what with him being the center of the universe. Then the unthinkable happens. A woman shows up on his doorstep claiming to be the widow of his murdered cousin, Tristan Winthrop.

As if that night storm catherine coulter bad enough, with her are his cousin's three night storm catherine coulter.

Night Storm (Night Trilogy, #3) by Catherine Coulter

If that still isn't enough, they are destitute and have nowhere to go. I freely admit that Alec wasn't the worst romance hero I've heard about, but for me, he was pretty night storm catherine coulter.

The only time I kind of liked him was when he'd lost his memory.

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He was still pretty arrogant, but at least he was treating Genny with some kindness and respect. Aside from that one comment to Hallie, he seemed to be a doting father to her, which in my opinion, was his only other redeeming quality.

Genny was a pretty feisty young woman whose father had taught her the ship-building business after his only son died, and then gave her night storm catherine coulter reign over it when he himself became ill.

Night Trilogy | Catherine Coulter Suspense Thriller author book series

As such, she was a highly night storm catherine coulter miss who had earned the disdain of both women and men alike for her habit of dressing in men's clothes night storm catherine coulter working in the shipyard.

None of the men would do business with her either, because of her being a woman. I realize this was probably accurate on a historical level, but there have always been people in the various eras of history who have pushed the envelope and still found success working with other open-minded individuals.


I felt like Genny was the target of misogyny on a lot of different levels. In my opinion, she never blossomed like she should, and could have.

Instead, she was virtually night storm catherine coulter by Alec who stifled her creativity, skill, and intelligence, rather than recognizing, respecting, and nurturing those qualities in a way that would have left her intact.

As such, I felt that although likable, she was a pretty one-dimensional character. Night Storm, and all of Catherine Coulter's romances that I've read to date, are laced with a dark sexuality that borders on the erotic with acts such as exhibitionism, voyeurism, light bondage and night storm catherine coulter seduction.

I enjoy a good erotic romance occasionally, but Ms.

Night Storm

Coulter's darker tone isn't really my cup of tea and night storm catherine coulter one of the reasons I've had a hard time gaining a real liking for her work. This book is definitely written in the old bodice ripper style of the 's and 80's even though it was first published in Once Genny gave in to her passions, it seemed like she and Alec were mating like rabbits multiple times a day.

night storm catherine coulter With them going at it so much, there were a lot of the scenes that didn't have much in the way of details, but those that did generally night storm catherine coulter rather dispassionate to me with the feelings never going any deeper than mere sex.

I really didn't care for all the arguments between Alec and Genny either. In fact, since there were no villains or anything else particularly major standing in their way, their own hardheadedness seemed to be the primary conflict in the story.