Nepotism meaning: 1. the act of using your power or influence to get good jobs or unfair advantages for members of your own family: 2. the activity of unfairly. Nepotism Nepotism describes a variety of practices related to favoritism; it can mean simply hiring one's own family members, or it can mean hiring and. nep•o•tism /ˈnɛpəˌtɪzəm/USA pronunciation n. [uncountable]. favoritism based on family relationship:He was accused of nepotism when he hired his daughter.


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Nepotism - definition and meaning

In these cases, nepotism can work to bolster confidence in a firm. Lines Brothers in Britainonce a highly successful maker of Triang toys, nepotism definition rendered worthless in just a few years by nepotism definition second generation of leadership.

Yale Express, a U. Linda Wong and Brian Nepotism definition suggest nepotism definition trouble arises most often when family and business needs conflict. If a company hires or promotes an incompetent family member, other employees may see this is a gross injustice and many complications may result.

More directly, the unqualified heir may simply instill policies that drive the company into the ground. Nepotism can also nepotism definition family disagreements and prejudices to those within the company. It may even cause a company to lose valued executives and make it very difficult to attract and retain high-quality newcomers.

Family squabbles can also serve as bad publicity. Likewise, Viacom's Sumner Redstone has been embroiled in public disputes with his children who also worked in the business. On the other hand, some see the DuPont family's competition among members as having contributed to that company's success.

Adelphia Communications represents what is perhaps one of the most disastrous instances of corporate nepotism. InJohn Rigas and his two sons were disgraced in a highly publicized case of corporate fraud.

This can be seen as a case where nepotism ruined a company not by placing incompetents in powerful positions, but rather by generating a corrupt culture at the company's top.

They indicate that there are several major factors behind nepotism in Arab business: Socio-cultural structure tribal and kinship relations Economic structure a tight labor market making it difficult to find a job in other ways Educational structure poor preparation of workers for economic development Political structure governments' assignation of educated tribal nepotism definition and their sons to key positions in return for loyalty In Asia the majority of entrepreneurs look to the family, rather than the broader populace, for the succession of the business.

Nepotism Definition in the Workplace

Favoritismnepotism definition broadest of the terms, refers to partiality based upon being part of a favored group, rather than job performance.

There are many clear outstanding examples, and it is a practice frequently frowned upon, though not always entirely illegal. Nepotism definition you are an individual looking to move up in your current workplace, then you may experience nepotism.


If a person related to the boss is hired instead, or someone is brought in from the outside who has a familiarity with the boss, then nepotism nepotism definition occurred.

This is especially true if nepotism definition person does not have any skills relating to the position, or are less qualified then you feel that you are.

Nepotism | Define Nepotism at

What is a Nepotism Definition in the Workplace? A Nepotism definition in the workplace is a form of discrimination where a family nepotism definition of friend is given preferential treatment towards a position regardless of talent, ability, or the talents and abilities held by other people seeking the position.

It occurs most frequently in family owned businesses. In addition, a nepotism definition in the workplace can be the creation of a position solely for an individual associated nepotism definition the boss.