Failed experiments by Urza on Tolaria resulted in fast and slow bubbles of time. These can be considered as locally shortened or lengthened time streams. a look back at one of the older MTG novels that I hadn't read – in this case Time Streams, by J. Robert King – and see how well they held up. Well, I've read The Brother's War and Planeswalkers. I want to continue reading, but the next book in line is Time Streams. It's 20 dollars without  Two questions regarding time streams - Magic Storyline.


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Karn enters the machine and mtg time streams successful in stopping Kerrick, but the temporal energies surge as he tries to return and cause a huge explosion that levels the academy.


Urza is able to planeswalk fourteen teachers and students to safety in the instant before the explosion and Karn leads thirty survivors out of the rubble. Urza considers it a good trade since Barrin survives in the new timeline mtg time streams Karn sees the destruction and considers it an unforgivable trade.

Time stream

Their initial forays into the island are disastrous as fast and slow time rifts litter the island and kill those that cross into them. They are only saved with the help of Jhoira, who survived the explosion and lived in the ruins over the past decade developing an intimate knowledge of the area.

Jhoira has managed to stay youthful by drinking slow time water but is furious at Urza for his time experiments and shows him a deep, heavily fortified chasm of fast time where mtg time streams passes at ten times normal speed.

Urza realizes that Kerrick and the surviving Phyrexians are stuck inside. He recognizes Urza and renews his efforts. Outside, Jhoira guides Urza to the ruins of Tolaria and shows him a pocket of extreme slow time with only mtg time streams occupant, a young Teferi still running from the flames of the explosion.

After a year of construction Urza decides to assault the Phyrexians. Urza and Jhoira survive but Jhoira falls into a coma for several years. When she finally awakens Jhoira conveys a breakthrough machine that mtg time streams them to funnel fast time water into slow time areas to allow safe travel between them.

This method is used to save Teferi and later to allow the students to conduct experiments in varying time speeds. Teferi is at first angry that everyone he knew has grown up while he is still a boy but over the ensuing years matures into an able mage. Urza decides to attack the Phyrexians with a fleet of mechanical falcons to avoid human casualties.

After years of preparation he commences the attack but is himself caught and dragged into the fast time area, surviving only because of his planeswalker resilience. Karn sees Urza fall into the chasm and rushes into it, fighting off negators to reach Urza and bear mtg time streams out of danger.

Part Three — Journeys Ten years later the new Tolarian academy has repelled five Phyrexian invasions and slain hundreds of negators. Urza leaves the defenses to Barrin and travels to Shiv to investigate a massive but inactive Thran Mana Rig. He makes peace between the local Mtg time streamsGoblinsand mtg time streams dragons Gherridarigaaz and Rhammidarigaaz.

Timestream Navigator (Rivals of Ixalan) - Gatherer - Magic: The Gathering

He also employs them to work the rig and brings Teferi and Jhoira to oversee the production mtg time streams new Thran metal constructs and powerstones. Urza designs a massive flying ship that can planeswalk and quickly strike Phyrexian targets.

But it served its purpose and Jhoira, Karn and Teferi are very mtg time streams defined by it, at least. Oct 19, Josh rated it really liked it I enjoyed this book for what it was. On a positive note, the skips in time actually made sense and were well integrated into the plot.

Normally they feel forced but not here.

Time Streams

The idea of the antagonist left a bit to be desired since it was a little too convenient. But the end sequence was really well written and enjoyable.

mtg time streams


Par for the course with these novels though - there was little to no wrap up after the finale. Always a bit disappointing but I'm starting to get used to it.

Experimenting with different kinds of materials Urza declared that silver is the most resistant element for temporal stresses. That's how Karn was created — as a probe for tests on mtg time streams travels.

Urza's experiments mtg time streams let Karn do very long jumps.