Watch Tanikella Bharani's Midhunam Book Launch. Subscribe to our channel for more latest Telugu movies. He decided to direct the famous novel Midhunam with the same title. This heart touching novel talks about an old couple who are left to. Midhunam Telugu Novel Pdf - Midhunam Telugu Novel Pdf - is a building material made from earth and often organic.


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It was re-printed in that famous Bapu font and became a best-seller. Director is Tanikella Bharani, one of the most talented personalities in Tollywood he is midhunam novel poet, theatre artist, dialogue writer and himself an acclaimed film actor noted for his unique timing and voice modulation.

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Earlier this year, Bharani midhunam novel released midhunam novel famous couplets on Lord Shiva as an audio CD in his own voice which are selling well. As a writer first and a poet later, Tanikella Bharani is a unique personality who never loses an opportunity to propagate the grandeur and beauty of Telugu language.

He loves Telugu so much that for the past 25 years, he insists his signature on bank cheques is also in Telugu and not English.


The story is about an aged couple AppaDaasu S. Balasubramanyam midhunam novel Bucchilakshmi Lakshmi who live in absolute trance of the village life midhunam novel an ecosystem of natural habitat full of organically grown vegetables, co-habiting animals midhunam novel lush greenery all over.

No TV, no freakouts, no secrets from each other and no other hang-ups in life except to occasionally spar with each other on issues best known to them. Then there is a twist in the film with one of them passing out.

You will have to find out which one. Infact, that is an amazing part of the film.

For minutes, midhunam novel running time of the movie, there are just two human characters SPB and Lakshmi playing the two roles and Bharani has produced quite a stunning play of a range of Nava Rasas between the two with many shades and spirited entertainment.

There is uproarious laughter, giggles, laments, weeping, anger and the occasional drama created between the two characters in midhunam novel well-nuanced roles.


Such plots have to be sustained and thankfully, in this film he picked two veterans in the craft of acting and sometimes overacting — Lakshmi and SPB. While Lakshmi is quite apt and well-controlled, SPB carries always a shade of Tamil stars like Sivaji Ganesan when he acts but his pronunciation of the toughest but most mellifluent Telugu carries the day for his detractors.

Even if SPB the actor cannot stop himself, his performance alongwith Lakshmi elevates the film to a new level. In the original discussions about this film about star cast, one actor who would have sealed it had he been midhunam novel today is Gummadi — who wanted to play it badly after he read the story and reacted in public.

Prakashraj would have been too theatrical and Chandramohan is way out of touch with midhunam novel roles of late, so SPB was indeed apt choice, in hindsight.

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There is one song sung by lyricist Jonnavithula on coffee. It celebrates midhunam novel heady feelings one gets by drinking midhunam novel home-made filter coffee of the typical South Indian family. There are few other songs which showcase the grandeur of the song-banks resident in our old movie classics and also showcase the richness of Telugu culture.

His movie name is given by none other than Tanikella Bharani where as Janardhan Maharshi added Swara to it.

మిథునం [Midhunam]

Looking at the titles, the singers and lyricists give goose bumps to telugu music lovers. It has been years that one has heard of Midhunam novel and Jamuna Rani garu. The trailers gave a glimpse but listening full song is definitely a treat for their fans. With all these positives, lets not delay further to get into the songs as midhunam novel feast is going to be unveiled soon.

Midhunam (Stories) Telugu Book By Sri Ramana

Aadi Dampathulu Midhunam novel s: Jonnavithula What a voice Yesudas sir, nothing changed by age. Jonnavithula continues where he stopped after Srirama Rajyam.


Yesudas perfection in rendering this song is unmatchable. Such a simple tune but everything adds up to make it a feast to listen, Which one is perfect we cannot say, Song, tune, rendering, lyrics, everything midhunam novel accurate, cannot get any better.