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Typically for an electric drive system, this develops its maximum torque of more than newton metres from the very first mercedes brochure of the accelerator.

Mercedes-AMG GT: Brochure

Mercedes brochure on the driving cycle, the vehicle mercedes brochure a range of around kilometres. This permits emission-free motoring not just in city traffic and on short journeys, but also over longer distances — such as those covered by many commuters on a daily basis.

The B-Class Electric Drive can be charged from any standard domestic power socket. For a range of kilometres, the charging time at V in Europe is 1.

On the road, the electric drive makes its own contribution to a mercedes brochure energy balance by recovering energy under overrun conditions as well as by converting the kinetic energy produced during braking into electric power mercedes brochure feeding it to the battery.

It comprises the total environmental impact of a vehicle from the cradle mercedes brochure the grave, in other words from raw material extraction through production and use up to recycling.

The aims of this directive are to avoid vehicle-related waste and encourage the take-back, reuse and recycling of vehicles and their components. This results in the following requirements on the automotive industry: Establishment of systems for collection of end-of-life vehicles ELVs and used parts from repairs.

Achievement of an overall mercedes brochure rate of 95 percent by weight by Evidence of compliance with the recycling rate as part of type approval for new passenger cars as of December Take-back of all ELVs free of charge from January Provision of dismantling information to ELV recyclers within six months of market launch.

Prohibition of lead, hexavalent chromium, mercury and cadmium, taking into account the exceptions in Mercedes brochure II. To comply with these stipulations, the specifications book for the B-Class Electric Drive stipulated a target value for the percentage of secondary raw materials.

The main focus of the recyclate research accompanying vehicle development is on thermoplastics.

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In contrast to steel and ferrous materials, to which secondary materials are already added at the raw material stage, recycled plastics must be subjected to a separate testing and approval process for the mercedes brochure component.

Accordingly, details of the use of secondary raw materials in passenger cars are only documented for thermoplastic components, as only this aspect can be influenced during mercedes brochure.


The quality and functionality requirements placed on a component must be met both with secondary raw materials and with comparable new materials. To ensure passenger car production is maintained mercedes brochure when shortages are encountered on the recycled materials market, new materials may also be mercedes brochure as an alternative.

In the B-Class Electric Mercedes brochure, 58 components in all with an overall weight of Typical areas of use are wheel arch linings, cable ducts and underbody panels, which consist for the most part of polypropylene.

The figure shows the components for which the use of secondary raw materials is approved.


Compared to the combustion-engine mercedes brochure of the B-Class, the Electric Drive differs with regard to components which are directly related to the drive system, such as the plastic fuel mercedes brochure. A further objective is to obtain secondary raw materials wherever possible from vehicle-related waste flows, so as to achieve closed cycles.