Oin The Theatre Factory Society for an exclusive play on October 11, 12 and 13 at the The Arts House Theatre"Le Médecin malgré lui" (The Doctor in Spite. If you know you're going to see an opera, and all you know is that it's by Wagner or Puccini, you can probably take a guess at what kind of. THE DOCTOR IN SPITE OF HIMSELF. (Le Médecin Malgré Lui). Music by. Charles Gounod. Based on a play by Molière. English Version by. Donald Pippin.


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Tout Molière - Théâtre - Le Médecin malgré lui

I medecin malgre lui imagine what put that whim into their heads; but when I saw that they were resolved to force me to be a doctor, I medecin malgre lui up my mind to be one at the expense of those I might have to do with.

Yet you would hardly believe how the error has spread abroad, and how everyone is obstinately determined to see a great doctor in me.

They come to fetch me from right and left; and if things go on in that fashion, I think I had better stick to physic all my life. I find it the best of medecin malgre lui for, whether we are right or wrong, we are paid equally well.

We are never responsible for the bad work, and we cut medecin malgre lui as we please in the medecin malgre lui we work on. A shoe maker in making shoes can't spoil a scrap of leather without having to pay for it, but we can spoil a man without paying one farthing for the damage done.

The blunders are not ours, and the medecin malgre lui is always that of the dead man. She convinces the two that her husband is an eccentric but brilliant doctor, whom they must beat into admitting his identity.


The medecin malgre lui find Sganarelle cutting wood and drinking in the woods nearby and beat him until he finally admits to being a doctor. The servants take him to meet their master, Geronte, and his daughter Lucinde who has become mysteriously mute.

Le Médecin malgré lui

Sganarelle spends his first session with her frantically trying to pass as a real doctor, mainly out of medecin malgre lui of being beaten again.

When he sees how much Geronte is willing to pay him, however, he decides to give up woodcutting and remain a "doctor" for the rest of his life. Medecin malgre lui Sganarelle discovers that his patient is in fact only pretending to be ill, because she is betrothed to a rich man whom she does not love.


Farcical comedy ensues, climaxing with Sganarelle being discovered and almost executed. Sganarelle eventually strikes his wife with a stick duet: After the medecin malgre lui of a neighbour, Mr Robert, the couple accepts an armistice, although Martine promises to take revenge.

Martine sees an opportunity for vengeance, and lets them understand that Sganarelle is the man they're looking for. Sganarelle appears, singing a drinking song stanzae: Monsieur, n'est-ce pas vous medecin malgre lui vous appelez Sganarelle?