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The Voice of Orpheus

Thanks and Farewell to Bob Swaim The man whose name graced this newsletter's masthead for the past five-plus years next to the word "Art" has headed in other directions. We will miss his voice, his wit, his dedication, and his drawing.

The caricatures on the following page appeared in the previous 16 issues of the "Voice of Orpheus. We wish him all the best.

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But as leader of the sometimes obstreperous basses, he has never applied a choke hold or swung a metal folding chair. He leads with a gentle hand.

Nmata del anima sola partitura pdf file download

Indeed, there is nothing menacing about Tom's hirsute appearance, and it is interesting to note that he does not seek attention by it; rather he would be seen as entirely ordinary. Even his birth in South China, 47 years ago, marks him as extraordinary; although somewhat less so because it was only South China, Maine.

Added to that were visions from back mata del anima sola partitura of "Arizona Highways.


As is so often the case with people who mata del anima sola partitura good in math, music was important to Tom early in life. Although he didn't begin formal piano lessons until he was 11, he had climbed many a piano stool well before then.

At Bates he sang in the college choir and in the select Collegium Musicum. He also became interested in Shape Note singing, recently made known to the world by Nicole Kidman and a small choir in On Cold Mountain. Tom has other artistic interests as well.

Cindy directed, and Tom took tickets, played selections from Satie and Chopin off stage for a mata del anima sola partitura of realism, howled an off-stage dog for an extra touch, and sold bottled water and Toll House cookies at intermission.

Canciones corales (Musical score, ) []

Yet another of Tom's interests is cartooning. You can find some of his work at http: There he analyzed Voyager II spacecraft data to determine the chemical makeup of the mata del anima sola partitura of Neptune. Later, following an interest in computer programming begun in high school, he worked at the U.

Recently he was the senior data manager for the Arizona Smokers' Helpline. Currently he freelances in computer support and database development.

He is an accomplished arranger as well, as you will hear in the beautiful "Mata del Anima Sola.