N btw that masquerade comes out once in 3years then!! Re: Nigeria's Most Feared Masquerades, Names And Photos by Nobody: pm On Dec 12, Masquerade is an important mode of cultural expression for several groups from Nigeria. Molly Egondu Uzo researched Ikeji masquerade as it is now performed. Egwu Adamma (Adamma dance, derived from the famous 'Agbogho mmuo' (maiden spirit) masquerades which symbolise female beauty and.


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Some masks appear only at masquerade in nigeria festival, but the majority appears at many or all. Masquerades are associated with spiritual elements, as according to Igbo belief, they represent images of deities or sometimes even dead relatives.

8 Powerful Masquerades In Yoruba Land - Nigerian Bulletin - Trending News

The identity of the masquerade is a well-kept secret and performed exclusively by men. In the past, masquerades masquerade in nigeria regarded as the means for maintaining peace and order and were primarily used as law enforcement agents.

The whole village would come masquerade in nigeria for the ceremony of the colourful masquerades. I loved their displays and appreciated their entertainment value. Later, along with Chief Ajanaku II, the Araba of Lagos, I became the first theatre producer to bring Egun Lapampa on stage at the main bowl of the National Theatre, enriching the production of my play, Awero, with no ritual, no blood spilling, no chicken strangling.


It was purely art and entertainment. In childhood, the spiritual, mystic, dark and occultist connotations behind the masquerade were real to my inexperienced thinking.


This masquerade in nigeria is rooted in the culture and a cultural heritage practiced by the tribes in Nigeria. Masquerades are different from each other in terms of functions, structures and festivals.

A masquerade that will come out during the harvest period is different from the one that will display during the carnivals or during the death of a king.

Nigeria's Most Feared Masquerades, Names And Photos - Culture (5) - Nigeria

It is part of our tradition that is recognized by the society and passed down from one generation to another. In Masquerade in nigeria, some families are known to be masqueraders and some even bear a name related to masquerades.

Masks used offer a visually appeal for their shapes and forms.

In these visual masquerades, performances of harassment, music, dance, and parodies are acted out Masquerade in nigeria The invisible masquerades take place at night. Sound is the main tool for them. The masquerader uses his voice to scream so it may be heard throughout the village.


Smithsonian Photo by Jeff Tinsley The distinctive style of this dance is a leisurely cadence with broad sweeps of the arms and slow pacing of the feet; this shows masquerade in nigeria, casualness, and a dignified bearing.

It is very different from much of the dancing done by the Rivers people's neighbors.

Popular Masquerades In Nigeria - Culture - Nigeria

Some say it reflects the slow ebb and flow of water in their geographical setting; others, their history as traders who have trafficked with the outside world for centuries with relative ease. Audience masquerade in nigeria in Washington retain the Nigerian practice of informal concourse through the arena masquerade in nigeria the masquerade was being played, but only an entertainment mask like Ofirima could be performed.

The shark is ferocious, so an attendant - masquerade in nigeria with while chalk or kaolin to dispel negative forces - follows it and checks its aggressiveness. As a lead dancer, he wears an eagle feather, the badge of an accomplished member of the Ekine men's dancing society.

8 Powerful Masquerades In Yoruba Land

He precedes the masquerade pouring a libation and invoking the ancestors to provide a safe and nimble performance. That day, rich masquerade in nigeria and collective spontaneity were shared between the dancers and the audience of Rivers women who enthusiastically joined them.

They are mostly known to flog people.