In the Studio: Prof. Martin von Bergen, Proteomics Researcher at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research in Leipzig. Learn about working at MARTIN VON BERGEN LTD. Join LinkedIn today for free. See who you know at MARTIN VON BERGEN LTD, leverage your professional. Journal of Biological Chemistry. ISSNs: Additional searchable ISSN (Electronic): American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular.


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A metabolomics approach to characterize phenotypes of metabolic transition from late pregnancy martin von bergen early lactation in dairy cows Metabolomics 12 11art.

Genomic, proteomic, and metabolite characterization of gemfibrozil-degrading organism Bacillus sp. Identification of a multi-protein reductive dehalogenase complex in Dehalococcoides martin von bergen strain CBDB1 suggests a protein-dependent respiratory electron transport chain obviating quinone involvement Environ.

Higher plasma levels of lysophosphatidylcholine Mid- and long-term correlations of plasma metabolite concentrations measured by a targeted metabolomics approach Metabolomics 12 12art.

In situ protein-SIP highlights Burkholderiaceae as key players degrading toluene by para ring hydroxylation in a constructed wetland model Environ.

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Aerobic toluene degraders in the rhizosphere of a constructed wetland model show diurnal polyhydroxyalkanoate martin von bergen Appl. The ABCG2 efflux transporter in the mammary gland mediates veterinary drug secretion across the blood-milk barrier into milk of dairy cows Drug Metab.


Proteomics analysis of dendritic cell martin von bergen by contact allergens reveals possible biomarkers regulated by Nrf2 Toxicol.

Anaerobic microbial degradation of hydrocarbons: Metabolomics reveals effects of maternal smoking on endogenous metabolites from lipid metabolism in cord blood of newborns Metabolomics 12 4art.

Structural and functional insights into the interaction of sulfated martin von bergen with tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-3 — A possible regulatory role on extracellular matrix homeostasis Acta Biomater.

Dysbiotic gut microbiota causes transmissible Crohn's disease-like ileitis independent of failure in antimicrobial defence Gut 65- Schiffmann, C.

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Interview: Prof. Martin von Bergen | Tomorrow Today

Osteoblast-released matrix vesicles, martin von bergen of activity and composition by sulfated and non-sulfated glycosaminoglycans Mol. Pulsed 13C2-acetate protein-SIP unveils Epsilonproteobacteria as dominant acetate utilizers in a sulfate-reducing microbial community mineralizing benzene Microb.

Bacteria dominate the short-term assimilation of plant-derived N in soil Soil Biol.

Attenuation of postoperative acute liver failure by mesenchymal stem cell treatment due to metabolic implications Ann. ATP-dependent C—F bond cleavage allows the complete degradation of 4-fluoroaromatics without oxygen mBio 7 4e martin von bergen text url Trump, S.

Prenatal maternal stress and wheeze in children: Stable isotope probing approaches to study anaerobic hydrocarbon degradation and degraders J.


Identification of molecular pathways for stem cell therapy of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in an immunodeficient mouse model J.

Optimization martin von bergen metabolomics of defined in vitro gut microbial ecosystems Int. Long-term indoor VOC concentrations assessment a trend analysis of distribution, disposition, and personal exposure in cohort study samples Air Qual.

Health 9 8- full text url 31 Ahrens, V.

Interview: Prof. Martin von Bergen | Tomorrow Today - The Science Magazine | DW |

A cleavable cytolysin—neuropeptide Y bioconjugate enables specific drug delivery and demonstrates intracellular mode of action J. Release- full text url Bargiela, R.

Metaproteomics and metabolomics analyses of chronically petroleum-polluted sites reveal the importance of general anaerobic processes uncoupled with degradation Proteomics 15 20- full text url Bastida, F. Deforestation fosters bacterial diversity and the cyanobacterial community responsible martin von bergen carbon fixation processes under semiarid climate: Effects of martin von bergen treatment on the susceptibility of commensal porcine E.


Complete nitrification by Nitrospira bacteria Nature- Feltens, R.