Nicolau Maquiavel MAQUIAVEL PUBLICAÇÕES Aos 44 anos publica "O Principe" Virtu e Fortuna "Ter "Virtu" é ser capaz de (re) conhecer as. O Box Especial "O Essencial da Estratégia", contém três livros: A Arte da Guerra, de Sun Tzu, O Príncipe de Nicolau Maquiavel e O Livro dos Cinco Anéis de. Páginas na categoria "Livros de ". Esta categoria contém as seguintes 2 páginas (de um total de 2). A. A Arte da Guerra (Maquiavel) · Assertio Septem.


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Whence it is often observed, if anyone designs to avail himself of an enlistment in the army, that he soon changes, not only his clothes, but also his customs, his habits, his voice, and in the presence of any civilian custom, he goes to livro a arte da guerra maquiavel for I do not believe that any man can dress in civilian clothes who wants to be quick and ready for any violence; nor can that man have civilian customs and habits, who judges those customs to be effeminate and those habits not conducive to his actions; nor does it seem right to him to maintain his ordinary appearance and voice who, with his beard and cursing, wants to make other men afraid: But if they should consider the ancient institutions, they would not find matter more united, more in conformity, and which, of necessity, should be like to each other as much as these civilian and military ; for in all the arts that are established in a society for the sake of the common good of men, all those institutions created to make people live in fear of the laws and of God livro a arte da guerra maquiavel be in vain, if their defense had not been provided for and which, if well arranged, will maintain not only these, but also those that are not well established.

Sun Tzu - Desciclopédia

And so on the contrarygood institutions without the help of the military are not much differently disordered than the livro a arte da guerra maquiavel of a superb and regal palace, which, even though adorned with jewels and gold, if it is not roofed over will not have anything to protect it from the rain.

And, if in any other institutions of a City and of a Republic every diligence is employed in keeping men loyal, peaceful, and full of the fear of God, it is doubled in the military; for in what man ought the country look for greater loyalty than in that man who has to promise to die for her?

In whom ought there to be a greater love of peace, than in him who can only be injured by war?

In whom ought there to be a greater fear of God than in him who, undergoing infinite dangers every day, has more need for His aid? If these necessities in forming the life of the soldier are well considered, they are found to be praised by those livro a arte da guerra maquiavel gave the laws to the Commanders and by those who were put in charge of military training, and followed and imitated with all diligence by others.

Maquiavel by Isadora Metz on Prezi

But because military institutions have become completely corrupt and far removed from the ancient ways, livro a arte da guerra maquiavel sinister opinions have arisen which make the military hated and intercourse with those who train them avoided.

And I, judging, by what I have seen and read, that it is not impossible to restore its ancient ways and return some form of past virtue to it, have decided not to let this leisure time of mine pass without doing something, to write what I know of the art of war, to the satisfaction of those who are lovers of the ancient deeds.


Livro a arte da guerra maquiavel although it requires courage to treat of those matters of which others have made a profession, none the less, I do not believe that it is a mistake to occupy a position with words, which may, with greater presumption, have been occupied with deeds; for the errors which I should make in writing can be corrected without injury to anyone, but those which are made with deeds cannot be found out except by the ruin of the Commanders.

You, Lorenzo, will therefore consider the quality of livro a arte da guerra maquiavel efforts of mine, and will give in your judgement of them that censure or praise which will appear to you to be merited.

I send you these, as much as to show myself grateful for all the benefits I have received from you, although I will not include in them the review of this work of mine, as well as also, because livro a arte da guerra maquiavel accustomed to honor similar works of those who shine because of their nobility, wealth, genius, and liberality, I know you do not have many livro a arte da guerra maquiavel in wealth and nobility, few in ingenuity, and no one in liberality.

For I do not know what pertained to him more than to spend himself willingly, not excepting that courage of his, for his friends, and I do not know of any enterprise that dismayed him when he knew it was for the good of his country.


And I confess freely not to have met among so many men whom I have known and worked with, a man in whom there was a mind more fired with great and magnificent things.

Nor does one grieve with the friends of another of his death, except for his having been born to die young unhonored within his own home, without having been able to benefit anyone with that mind of his, for one would know that no one could speak of him, except to say that a good friend had died.

It does not remain for us, however, or for anyone else who, like us, knew him, to be able because of this to keep the faith since deeds do not seem to to his laudable qualities. Livro a arte da guerra maquiavel is true however, that fortune was not so unfriendly to him that it did not leave some brief memory of the dexterity of his genius, as was demonstrated by some of his writings and compositions of amorous verses, in which as he was livro a arte da guerra maquiavel in love he employed as an exercise in order not to use his time uselessly in his juvenile years, in order that fortune might lead him to higher thoughts.

Here, it can be clearly comprehended, that if his objective was exercise, how very happily he described his ideas, and how much he was honored in his poetry. Fortune, however, having deprived us of the use of so great a friend, it appears to me livro a arte da guerra maquiavel is not possible to find any other better remedy than for us to seek to benefit from his memory, and recover from it any matter that was either keenly observed or wisely discussed.

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And as there is nothing of his more recent than the discussions which the Lord Fabrizio Colonna had with him in his gardens, where matters pertaining to war were discussed at length by that Lord, with questions keenly and prudently asked by Cosimo, it seemed proper to me having been present with other friends of livro a arte da guerra maquiavel, to recall him to memory, so that reading it, the friends of Cosimo who met there will renew in their minds the memory of his virtue, and another part grieving for not having been there, will learn in part of many things discussed wisely by a most sagacious man useful not only to the military way of life, but to the civilian as well.

I will relate, therefore, how Fabrizio Colonna, when he returned from Lombardy where he had fought a long time gloriously for the Catholic King, decided to pass through Florence to rest several days in that City in order to visit Livro a arte da guerra maquiavel Excellency the Duke, and see again several gentlemen with whom he had been familiar in the past.

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Whence it appeared proper to Cosimo to invite him to a banquet in his gardens, not so much to show his generosity as to have reason to talk to him at length, and to learn and understand several things from him, according as one can hope to from such a man, for it appeared to him to give him an opportunity to spend a day discussing such matters as would satisfy his mind.

Fabrizio, therefore, was honored according to the times and the place, with all the highest honors they could give him. As soon as the convivial pleasures were past and the table cleared and every arrangement of feasting finished, which, in the presence of great men and those who have their minds turned to honorable thoughts is soon accomplished, and because the day was long and the heat intense, Cosimo, in order to satisfy their desire better, judged it would be well to take the opportunity to escape the heat by leading them to livro a arte da guerra maquiavel more secret and shadowy part of his garden: Cosimo, becoming aware of this said: Perhaps you have no knowledge of some of these trees, but do not wonder about them, because here are some which were more widely known by the ancients than are those commonly seen today.

And giving him the name of some and telling him that Bernardo, his grandfather, had worked hard in their culture, Fabrizio replied: I was thinking that it was what you said I was, and this place and this study make me remember several Princes of the Kingdom, who delighted in their livro a arte da guerra maquiavel culture and the shadow they cast.